What Really Happened to DownloadConnection? @ tk here on Sunday, September 09, 2007 4:39 PM
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

What Really Happened to DownloadConnection?

Today, I was surfing around and I came across some site that claimed the owner of DownloadConnection.net had control of his domain taken away by GoDaddy (Edit: The blog owner deleted the post, it now redirects to some Britney post. Click on the screenshot below for full post that was captured before it was removed). That site stated that the reason was due to spamming Myspace. It seemed logical enough, considering that Myspace does attract quite a bit of attention.

Erroneous posting about DownloadConnection.net

However as I read on, I thought something was weird. Really weird. Like for instance how he knew that GoDaddy had taken over control of the domain.

Looking at the screenshots of the registry data posted there, I realized that he had no idea what he had just posted. Judging from the second screenshot posted (where it highlights the registry data), I concluded that he got the idea of DownloadConnection.net from the 4 status codes listed at the end - clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited, clientDeleteProhibited and clientRenewProhibited.

He seemed to think that the following 4 status codes meant control had been taken away or something similar (or in his words, "had their chain jerked bigtime!").

You could read what they actually mean at CentralNic or you could read my version in plain english below. Note that they are also a part of RFC2832B (simply guidelines on how domain stuff should be handled), so they could be found on google easily.

If you read the version at CentralNic but you're still clueless about the meaning, here it is in plain english. These 4 status codes are set by the person who registered the domain, ie the registrar. Basically if you (the registrar) don't want the registry (people in charge of maintaining the domain data) to transfer, delete, update or renew your domain, you (the registrar) would use one of these codes. As you can see, you (the registrar) are still very much in charge.

Don't believe me? Try visiting www.DownloadConnection.net. It simply redirects to a forum. If Godaddy had taken over, shouldn't the page be parked or have a holding page? Or try the whois of imageshack.us and you'll see the same status codes in effect. Need more convincing? How about Microsoft or Apple?

As for the rest of his claims like DownloadConnection spamming Myspace, I can't confirm or deny it (Edit: See below for updates). And maybe I'm wrong about the status codes above. But asking people to email bomb someone else's email and posting the email address for spam harvesters are not very nice things to do. Also, this isn't the first time he has made erroneous claims.

I guess now you really know what happened to DownloadConnection.

Edit: Looks like they (downloadconnection.net) are down now (not sure why though), although some DNS servers have not been updated yet. However, it still has nothing to do with the 4 status codes above, since other sites have these in effect.

Edit: I think I got it figured out. Downloadconnection.net posted a Youtube video (Not work safe) that invited users to visit its site for the wildly popular Vanessa Hudgens pictures. I guess it worked a bit too well and the site was down due to the traffic (it's back up now). In case you're wondering, yup, the site making the claims is also down now (traffic related I suppose).

Edit: Downloadconnection.net's owner, Tom, emailed me yesterday to inform me that he didn't spam Myspace nor does he use Myspace. Obviously, I won't be able to verify that (not that it matters now). And now both sites are back up.

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