Recent design changes @ tk here on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 6:00 PM
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Recent design changes

Just wanted to dedicate a post to some changes I made for my own reference and maybe to help others interested in doing the same type of changes.

A couple of weeks ago, I added some ahah or ajax elements to this blog. The complete text of a post is loaded on-the-fly by clicking on a link. Clicking on that link again hides the text. Similar functionality was also added to comments and backlinks, thus allowing a surfer to view any post element without leaving the main page. For posts with 0 comments, the "post a new comment" page is loaded in a new window rather than showing the comment section of that post. Posts with at least a comment will load the comment section of a post which will contain a link leading to "post a new comment" page in a new window. Ajax elements only appear on the main page or archive pages, since a(n) post/item page should already contain all post elements.

A few days ago, my recently played tracks was added to the sidebar. A fairly simple process using feeddigest to grab feeds from audioscrobbler and formatting it for output on the sidebar.

Just yesterday, I updated the css buttons on the sidebar. Added a button there, emulating the actual image of the button. Redesigned the button. Also updated the css such that other buttons may reuse it with some minor changes to color and padding. If size is not an issue, padding may be moved to the general class to allow for easier addition of new buttons. Idea of css buttons came from here. However, my css is quite different from the one there.

If anyone is interested in any of these and need more details, drop a comment.


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On 21 January, 2006 20:17, gaby de wilde said...

interesting one!

I see lots of room for improvement, lots of future in this!

First of all, I've never seen a blog that reqired an external stylesheet so badly. :lol:

It may be better to strip the css from the item pages?

The display post link should be in the title of the post. You could make an anchor permalink and a onclick return false effect so that it always works. :)

I'm sure you can find something interesting to use in my blog. :)

The most interesting thoughts I've had looking at this!

It's actually slower as loading the page untill you load 3 or 4 posts, thats ok but it could be better. (like withouth a css)

Howabout using the archive to obtain a set of posts in one trip? It wont be a pain to flush the style of that page. It would look like a doorway page ^_^ not bad to have a cleaner page if you bump into one of those 200 post archives from search.

It's verry interesting!

Looking forward to seeing this develop. :)

On 26 January, 2006 22:23, Gaby de Wilde said...

lol, are you trying to avoid creating a discussion in our blogs?

With a doorway page I meant a page without lay out.

I think loading the page again to display the comments or backlins is bad. They should load with the post.

Your visited-links are the same color as the background here, so they are not visible in this color.

Maybe a white page is more trustworthy. lol

On 27 January, 2006 18:31, tk said...

lol, nope I just thought it would be better to answer everything on the forum :)

Yup, I did wonder about showing the post content, comments and backlinks when a user clicked on "Click to view". That would seem like a good way to reduce multiple loading. However, Opera doesn't load the post page again for me. If I clicked to view an entire post, viewing comments and backlinks is immediate, since Opera is able to show the cached content. Unfortunately, this is not so for IE and Firefox.

I actually made the visited links to have a similar color as I figured people would be less interested in visited links. Maybe I should choose a lighter color :)

lol, black as a background is my preference, since I spend a lot of time on the computer and it is quite straining on the eyes to look at a white background :) If I have time maybe I'll implement an option to switch to a different color scheme.

On 05 February, 2006 03:45, Craffter said...

Hey. could you please do me a favor? i was hoping you could share the code and some pointers about your aproach. just pointers, i will figure out everything else.

if you can do me that favor please send me a e-mail at or gmail with the same username.

On 05 February, 2006 17:20, tk said...

Hey craffter, I wanted to do a howto but was lacking time to do it. I'll try to see what I can do.

On 12 March, 2006 17:18, Anonymous said...


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