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Friday, March 17, 2006

Hoobastank's new singles for download

Around a month ago, Hoobastank released a single from their upcoming album, Every Man For Himself, called If I Were You. A few days ago, a second single from that album was released, named Born To Lead. On its website, you can listen to the FULL songs if you have windows media player installed. However, the site does not provide you with a way to download these songs to your computer.

Before I show you where you can get these songs, are you one of those who have never heard of Hoobastank? It's likely that you've been hiding under a rock for the past year or so if you have never heard of their highly successful single, The Reason. Featured on many radio charts and TV commercials, everyone was hooked onto The Reason instantly (at least I was). Another popular song by them was the follow-up to The Reason, Disappear. Although I had heard of them since their debut self-titled album, it was really The Reason that made me (and many others) stand up and notice them. Disappear managed to keep that momentum going.

By now you should have some knowledge of Hoobastank (if not please check out the previous album, The Reason). Via the Hoobastank forums, I've found links to the MP3 versions of these songs. The following links lead to the actual page where the download links can be found. If I Were You download. Born To Lead download.

I have to admit that I was not immediately attracted to these singles unlike The Reason. If I Were You has since grown on me while Born To Lead is still trying to gain acceptance. However, I predict that If I Were You should be quite a big hit and another song from Every Man For Himself, called If Only will be as successful as The Reason. If Only has not been released yet, however I have had the chance to listen to it. Like The Reason, it is also a love song with clear and simple lyrics. Unlike The Reason however, If Only as the title suggests, tells of someone regretting over what might have been.

Hope you enjoy these singles and remember to grab the new album, Every Man For Himself, when it comes out on May 16th!



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On 18 March, 2006 00:03, Caso Patologico said...

Hi! Im here from Bloggerforum.
I use too Ajax on my blog but for Categories/Delicious; your code looks fine, just a little bug you can fix easy, if the url is http://www.tkhere.blogspot.com/#113749398324036497 ajax does not work because the "www." prefix.


On 24 March, 2006 11:42, andycjw said...

I found your site thru Bloggerforum,
sorry about this post unrelated comment, but is it possible for you to give out your blog template code with ajax, I would very much like to study it and see how you made it works, please

On 24 March, 2006 21:05, tk said...

caso: thanks for the tip :) i didn't know about it, since few people actually come through with "www". anyway, i hope i'll remember to fix it, since it's not too urgent.

andy: i just went to your site and saw that u have already implemented it inside your blog so will u still be needing my template code? btw, i like what u've done with embedding the comment form inside the div. i was supposed to implement that some time ago, but lots of things cropped up. i've lots of ideas that i hope to implement in a few months from now. Things like emoticons, a revamped and embedded comment form with live preview, optional ajax content hiding.

On 24 March, 2006 21:41, andycjw said...

tk: ya, i tried to do it anyway by looking at your site page source directly, and infer how things work from there, it finally works, took me whole afternoon, thanks to you, if not for your implementation, it would takes me much more time to complete it

On 24 March, 2006 21:47, tk said...

andy: no problem :) anyway i forgot i had posted a tutorial earlier on here: Howto: AJAX for Blogger peek-a-boo content.

On 25 March, 2006 20:59, Craffter said...

hey TK, please check a comment i lefted in the howto of you just refered.

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