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Monday, July 24, 2006

Mp3Tunes - The joys of DRM-free music

Mp3Tunes was featured recently on digg and I went to signup for a free locker and I've been loving it since. Here's a quick breakdown of what it allows you to do (free account):
- stream music to unlimited computers/Tivos/Nokia tablets (limited to 2 at any single time)
- sideload and webload music files of different formats and play them (may not apply to DRM music)
- unlimited storage
- Generate playlists easily
- compare locker sizes

From my experience so far, it's a great way to store music for future listening or as a backup. You could also access and playback your entire music collection as long as you have an internet connection, since the 3 major OSs are supported. This would work great for listening in from work/school or during a vacation. No longer would you need to stream media from your own (slow) internet connection.

While you're surfing the web and come across a wonderful indie song, keeping it in your locker is just a click away with the handy Internet Explorer and Firefox plugins. There are also plugins for popular music players such as Winamp and Itunes to allow you to listen to your music without loading a browser (requires login).

With no limits to stop you, you could store as much or little as you want. The top users have tens of thousands of files! You could also see how you compare to them via the lockerenvy site.

Of course this has been made possible because the music that is in the locker has no DRM. If any song in your locker has DRM, it may not even play. And this is where DRM loses in usefulness and overall functionality. As the implementation of different DRM schemes are proprietary and very likely to be closed source, Mp3Tunes is not gonna be able to play them. So that means your 0.99 tunes from Itunes aren't very useful in this case, unless u rerip them into mp3s or other unrestricted formats. If you're a hardcore ITunes users, imagine reripping everytime you buy from ITunes. Yup, not a very nice thought.

If you intend to buy a premium account, here're some coupons to save you some cash: - oboespace
- oboeside

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