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Sunday, August 26, 2007

CoolFreePeople? Nope, Just Spam.

A website has started populating the web with useless sites that probably includes nasties as well (I didn't like the prospect of spending the weekend cleaning my computer of whatever-ware they have there). The idea is simple really. Setup a site at and have other websites that contain iframes pointing to this site. Just so people won't notice when they visit the homepage of, say it's under construction. Perfect!

Yes, you can tell it's the weekend and people are in the mood to be careless. I suppose the webmaster was thinking, hmm what would people like to do during the weekend. Maybe you'd like to meet coolfreepeople at this site (not linked to protect you). Or perhaps you'd want to check out cool stuff at (again not linked to protect you). How about some amusement at (do I need to say it again)? If you thought you'd find something nice at these sites, think again.

What do these three sites have in common? Well, first, they are basically useless to most people except for maybe the webmaster. Second, they are newly created sites as you can see here, here and here. Third, not only are they useless, they may contain crapware, adware, spyware, well, stuff that is not too good for your computer.

So do yourself a favor this weekend, and don't go looking for CoolFreePeople. Not at these sites anyway.

Edit: I just realized that I totally forgot about the people who had visited the mentioned sites above before coming here. So what if you had already gone to the site?

First off, stop going to sites that you received in your instant messages or email. If you really need to, check it out first.

Next, do a virus/adware/spyware scan. Basically do a check to see if anything on your computer had been compromised.

Lastly, since that seems to be primarily a phishing site, if you entered your email and password (bad idea), change them as soon as you can. If you use the same username or email address and password for other sites, change those as well. Phishers are normally in it for the money or identity theft, so focus on changing your bank, paypal, e-gold, etc passwords.

That's all I can think of to reduce your collateral damage. If you have any more ideas, the comment form is just a click away.

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