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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fart with confidence!

Are you one of those who needs to release some air after a meal? Perhaps after eating curry, onions or beans? Are you constantly embarrassed by the looks your co-workers give you? Are they constantly spraying the air-freshener when you are around? Do you think you have no choice but to hang your head in shame? Think again!

We have the solution for you - GasBGon, the leading fart absorber product on the market! Yes! Now you can fart with confidence and even enjoy your daily bursts of air. With GasBGon, most of the odors in your farts can be absorbed and remain undetected by your co-workers.

GasBGon The GasBGon is specially designed for you to enjoy your farts without any embarrassment. We have analyzed people's fart patterns and designed GasBGon based on this extensive research. The GasBGon uses a highly advanced filter that can last a few months even if you are a regular farter. We have even included a monitor for you to see when you have to replace your carbon air filter so that no one will know you dark secret!

Don't hesitate! Buy now at £12.95! Yes this limited special offer will not last long!

Does this sound like one of those late night infomercials? (In case you don't know, I do not represent GasBGon, nor am I in anyway affiliated with them and this post is just for fun, although the product is real.)

Visit: GasBGon (Down at the moment)
Try GasBGon (UK).

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