Playboy plays U and everyone else @ tk here on Thursday, August 23, 2007 2:30 PM
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Playboy plays U and everyone else

Playboy U

Playboy has just launched their very own social networking site (wow!, yeah right as if we don't have enough of those) for college students only (in case you wanted in, I know you do!) called Playboy U to combat their dwindling finances.

It seems like everyone (companies planning to make money) is thinking about social networking these days (MySpace bought over by News Corp, FaceBook sale rumors), except that the current sites are not making boatloads of cash. Who cares? This is Playboy we're talking about, surely they have something to offer college students, especially those with dreams of joining Playboy and hot-blooded young males?

But before you get too excited at the prospect of viewing racy pictures of sex scandals and whatever you may think of, here's the kicker. No nudity allowed. What? Shell-shocked? Did Playboy just play you? I'll repeat it again. Keep your clothes on. Still staring at the screen? Get over it.

Still, there seems to be at least one redeeming factor. Playboy intends to keep out anyone who isn't a student. No .edu address? SOL. Faculty Member? Out. Not a student? Boot. It's this exclusivity that Playboy hopes will attract their main and only target for now, college students (who probably have no means of joining an exclusive club offline).

Do I sense a sudden demand for .edu email addresses? Maybe that's how Playboy intends to boost its cash flow.

Visit: Playboy U

[Source: Yahoo News via AP]

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