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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Finding a Bride? Try Looking for a young, pretty bride? Who isn't? However, in a time where people talk about real love and mutual trust, comes a site that defies all logic by reintroducing pre-arranged marriages.

No longer would you need to head overseas for a mail order bride. It can all be done at the comfort of your home with just a couple of clicks at

Most of the girls listed there are in their early teens and for the price of a new car, you could too "own" one of these girls. Spot a girl you like? Fire off a marriage proposal to her via their online form. Simple and easy. Tips are even provided on how to go about writing one.

Is all this even legal? Well according to the site, it is in the US for girls as young as 13 as long as parental consent is given. They even mention that the bride price is a tradition from the Bible.

However, this certainly looks like a joke. First the "Sign up our daughter" link isn't functioning. Second, another site, the Museum of Hoaxes, has done some background checking and found some worthy suspicions. Third, over at digg, someone found a list of spam keywords at the end of the page.

Currently, the jury is still out on whether this is actually a legitimate site since no one has officially claimed otherwise.

Update: The snopes forum has a thread dissecting the site.

Latest update: Bits, the New York Times technology blog, has confirmed that MarryOurDaughter is indeed a prank.

Edit: Those looking for are probably looking for this and have misread the domain name.

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