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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Get Your Halo 3 Wallpapers Here!

Microsoft has got a nifty interactive flash thingy out at which allows you to explore the entire diorama. You can manually navigate through the whole battle scene or just click the autoplay and sit back as it brings you from one place to another.

If you thought that's neat, it's just half the fun. The other half is the wallpapers you could create. You could explore to the scene you want and take a "screenshot" so to speak. But if you really wanted the whole diorama, just follow the simple instructions below.

  • The images are stored in this format -
  • The XXXX represent numbers from 0001 to 1666.

For example, here's the scene where . Of course, there are several images of this scene that are just slightly different.

And with this simple discovery, the coders among you probably are already thinking about setting up a simple script (iterating from 0001 to 1666) to download every single image from Microsoft's server. But for non-programmers, a download manager should do the trick. Off the top of my head, I know (Classic version recommended) has such a functionality. Certain Firefox extensions (I can't remember what they are) may also provide such batch downloading.

Aside from the diorama wallpapers, here are some Halo 3 character wallpapers.

Update: You can download these 11 wallpapers in the .

2 more videos, one called Hunted, another called Translator are also heading your way on 25 Sept 2007. Gravesite, another video, is slated to be released on Oct 1 2007. Additionally, there are several first person accounts, a scene description at the Master Chief site and places where you can enter 180 or 360 degree mode. I think that sums up what you can find at the site.

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