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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Look Before You Buy!

Two buyers were surprised to find that their recent acquisitions had "one last thing" in store for them.

100 legs found in basement The first guy bought a house and his plumber found a prosthetic leg in his basement. Not too bad you say, maybe the owner had been in an accident or had a leg amputated due to illness.

Even the home owner though the plumber was pulling a fast one till he saw the rest of the 99 legs. Yup, 100 fake legs left by the previous owner! Creepy? Fetish? Too late to guess now, since the seller had left the country.

[Source: The Sun Online]

Suspicious packet of white powder found in car This second guy is even luckier or worse off depending on your view. A dude's friend nabbed a second hand Ferrari 575 and drove it over to his place.

So the friend pokes around and guess what he found under the driver's seat. $1000? Nope. Higher. $5k? You'll never get it. He scores with what looks to be a packet of white powder. Highly suspicious looking packet of white powder. Wait are you sure that's co..

Originally Posted by TyrannoSullyRex
That's just a huge dessicant bag.

Wonder what they did with it? They gave it to a homeless person. Good call I guess, though posting it on a public forum doesn't seem too wise.

[Source: North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club Forum via digg]

Now you know to always look before you buy.

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