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Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Stuff from 'The Beat Goes On'

New stuff announced (from various live casts)

  • New version of iTunes, allows users to make ringtones. Ringtone features turned on next week.
  • Make your own ringtones and sync directly to the iphone. Retails for $.99 in addition to the cost of the song.
  • Product Red Shuffle - 1Gb at $79 shipping now. New colors for Shuffle.

iPod Shuffle

  • New Nano which is smaller and thinner, user interface is updated and high resolution with album artwork. 3 games are bundled - one called vortex. Battery life is 24hrs. 4gb and 8gb versions. 5hrs battery for video playback. 4GB only comes in silver and will be $149, 8GB will be in all other colors and will be $199. Ships today. iPod Nano ad is playing now, with the tagline “A little video for everyone”.

  • iPod (now iPod Classic) - storage will start at 80GB, and will be thinner than the old 30GB version (5th Gen). There will also be a thicker one at 160GB, but thinner than its predecessor (the old 80GB). So, 80GB and 160GB models. 40,000 songs in your pocket. 80 gb is $249 and 160 gb is $349. Same new UI as the iPod Nano. Full Metal design. Ships today.

  • touchscreen iPod - iPod Touch, new ipod g6
  • Touchscreen iPod announced - iPod Touch!

    Same interface as the iPod part of the iPhone. It is 8mm thin, has multi-touch, has Calendar, Contacts, Clock, Calculator, Settings, and more. Looks and works like iPhone but is thinner. Has Photos as well, just like always, but now you can flick through them just like your iPhone. The thing even has a "home" button.

    There is a Wi-Fi icon on the top left of the iPod Touch. The back of the iPod Touch has a black bit on the top right in order for the Wi-Fi antenna to connect out. You slide to unlock it...again...just like the iPhone.

    iPod Touch has Safari. Safari: It’s the same Safari as on the iPhone. Flips, landscapes, pans, flicks, scrolls, and is built right into the iPod Touch. Other similar features: Google and Yahoo search. YouTube included. Worldwide Product.

    22 hours of audio playback, 5 hours of video playback. Storage: 8GB and 16GB, $299 and $399. Ships in a few weeks (this month). iPod Touch battery life: 22 hours music, 5 hours video.
  • There’s an empty spot on the iPod Touch dock. It’s a new application: the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.

    Browsing the iTunes store is similar to the iTunes app on the PC. Tap a song to preview the song, and tap the download button to download. The next time you dock your iPod Touch to your computer, it’ll sync the song to iTunes.

    There’s a featured section, as well as search (searches everything), and the same selection as on the iTunes regular store. Not a slimmed, gimped down store for the portable iPod Touch.

    They’re bringing the iTunes mobile music store to bring it to the iPhone as well.

    Starbucks integration: When you get near a Starbucks location, you’ll get a Starbucks icon in iTunes Store. You can buy songs that are playing over the Starbucks music selection, and you can even look at the last 10 songs that’s been played and buy the songs there.

    Free access to the store while at Starbucks.

  • To refresh, iPod Shuffle ($79), iPod Nano ($149, $199), iPod Classic, ($249, $349), iPod Touch, ($299, $399), and iPhone ($499, $599).

    But, Steve says they want to get even MORE aggressive. What does this mean? iPhone will be even MORE affordable, so they’re dropping the price of the 8GB model to $399. Two hundred dollar price drop.

    4GB iPhone is now gone. Only thing left is the 8GB iPhone for $399.

  • It's over!

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