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Friday, September 07, 2007

Osama Found at APEC!

Osama Found at APEC! title= Some actors from The Chaser's War on Everything managed to breach the "tight" security at APEC yesterday dressed as (wait for it...) Osama bin Laden. For the benefit of those who aren't Australians, The Chaser's War on Everything is a popular television show on ABC in Australia.

Apparently the team were waved through the green zone and made it to the red zone (which had sniffer dogs) before they decided to turn back. Which was when the police realized something was amiss and arrested them. At the time of the arrest, they were only metres away from the hotel where the US president was staying.

And those in charge of security said that the "multi-layered security" worked. One even said he was not embarrassed at all but was very angry, which tells you a lot about what they're thinking.

A security breach like this at a major event is definitely no joke, although I don't think they should be charged (at most let off with a warning). However the reactions from the security team is quite appalling when you take into account that the actors were wearing fake passes, with one dressed as Osama and had expected to be stopped at the first checkpoint. The fact that they even made it through the first checkpoint tells you how secure the security really is.

Edit: Here's a video about it. Even the cameraman (who filmed it live) was impressed and amused.

Edit: And the Chaser's take on the APEC incident. It becomes clear that it's really easy to get into APEC (at least for the Chasers).

[Source: Herald Sun]

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