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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free: Instantbird, AudioBooks and Podcasts

Say hello to Saturday's freebies!


Instantbird is an instant messaging client that is cross-platform and multi-protocol. This means it can run on Windows/Mac/Linux and can connect to MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/a lot more networks. Instantbird is open source and relies on Mozilla to display messages and Pidgin to connect to networks. The great part about Instantbird is that like Firefox, it is extensible via plugins/addons. Although none exist at the moment, you can be sure that once Instantbird takes off, many will spring up at .

Although Instantbird is in its first release and isn't really meant for public use, I took Instantbird for a quick spin. Creating a new MSN account on Instantbird was quick and painless, and after 30 seconds, I was logged in and successfully sent my first message with Instantbird. Instantbird doesn't support much at the moment (no smilies but there is spell check due to Mozilla), however, if you feel at home with Firefox, you'll want to keep a look out for Instantbird. I mean even the Instantbird Addons screen mimics Firefox's Addons. How's that for similarity?

AudioBooks and Podcasts

PickTheBrain has listed a number of good resources to go to for free audiobooks and podcasts in . Wanna listen to/watch ? Or maybe you're to pass the time on the train? If your answer to both questions is yes, then be sure to check out .

What? No more freebies? Come back on Sunday for more! Can't wait that long? !

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