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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Free: Speedtest - 10 fast fingers, Online .htaccess Editor

Offtopic: is out for download. Looks like .

Speedtest - 10 fast fingers

10 fast fingers is an entire site dedicated to the art of . Touch typing, as you might expect, is the ability to type without looking at your keyboard and happens to be one of the skills that might shorten your workday significantly if you work around computers often. With that in mind, 10 fast fingers provides 10 lessons to sharpen and hone your typing skills (mistakes kill your typing speed).

Speedtest When you've completed your touch typing lessons, you could try out (and show off) your new skills with . Churn out as many words as you can within a 60 second time limit and be rewarded with your scores and overall rank.

You reached 256 points, so you achieved position 18153 on the ranking list

You type 331 characters per minute
You have 57 correct words and
you have 1 wrong words

Looking at my score, I'm about the same as an , with one big difference - I'm not a touch typist. :) I do have some touch typing background, but I find that I'd make less mistakes if I sneak a couple of glances at the keyboard every now and then. Maybe it's time to refresh my muscle memory. :)

Online .htaccess Editor

.htaccess Editor If you've got a server and run Apache on it (a high probability), chances are you've messed about with . Unless you happen to love the .htaccess file with a passion, you probably can't remember how the .htaccess works or what it contains. Even if all the different HTTP status codes are imprinted in your brain, can save you a whole lot of time and effort. By segregating the features into various categories, .htaccess Editor allows you to configure each one at a time so you're not overwhelmed by all the options available. When you're satisfied, copy and paste the resulting text into your .htaccess file and bookmark the site so you don't have to type it out the next time.

Gotta improve my typing skills!

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