iNdependence 1.3 beta 2 + Bad IMEI Fix-it tutorial @ tk here on Friday, November 09, 2007 3:04 PM
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Friday, November 09, 2007

iNdependence 1.3 beta 2 + Bad IMEI Fix-it tutorial

Offtopic: Just a quick note about the new iNdependence and a bad IMEI fix-it guide. And in case you missed it, . Like 1.1.1, 1.1.2 is likely to take some time for iPhone hackers to crack, so I'm not expecting much updates for the weekend.

iNdependence 1.3 beta 2

A is out and the main changes appear to be ringtones and integration with the MobileDevice library. Just a reminder: .

The Operator says
1.3 beta 2 is out. Please see the README file with it before you do anything else. In order to run it, you must first copy the MobileDevice library from iTunes 7.4.2 into the application bundle using the iNdependence MobDev Tool. Instructions for this are in the README file. This allows you to have any version of iTunes installed and not worry about breaking iNdependence. The major feature for this release is the MeCCA patch to enable custom ringtones to be placed in the system ringtones directory on the phone. I'll be releasing a standalone patcher application very soon. CHANGELOG for beta 2 is here.

v1.3 beta 2 (Big Rock) - 11/08/07

- Added MeCCA patch to 1.1.1 jailbreak process to allow for addition of custom ringtones to the System ringtone directory (/Library/Ringtones)
- Removed the ability to add ringtones to the User ringtone directory as it's too buggy (left in the ability to delete them though)
- Since the version of the MobileDevice framework which comes with iTunes 7.5 doesn't allow for jailbreak, I've added the ability to include MobileDevice as a dylib directly in the application bundle. This makes it so that people can upgrade to iTunes 7.5 (or later) and not have to worry about breaking iNdependence.
- Created "iNdependence MobDev Tool" which allows people to copy the MobileDevice library directly into iNdependence now (removing any dependence on the version of iTunes installed). This is now required in order to run iNdependence.
- Updated the documentation a bit.

Here are the and for iNdependence 1.3 beta 2.

Get .

Bad IMEI Fix-it tutorial

Mark has added a new guide to his ever growing collection of iPhone guides - . Like the rest of his tutorials, there are more than enough pictures for you to enjoy. :)

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