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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back to Full Feeds!

For a few months, I've changed this blog's feed to summary only due to scrappers regurgitating my posts elsewhere. To combat that issue, I decided to add a footer to feed items so that it would be clear to a reader where the article really originated from.

At the time, however, I only looked around for a solution and discovered its summary burner. Other than allowing you to provide a summarized, text-only version of your feed, you can also append a "Teaser" message after each feed item. This wasn't really what I was looking for, but I couldn't find any other Feedburner feature that came close to my original intentions, so I activated it anyway.

Summary Burner

Moron Alert!

While looking through my Blogger settings today, I clicked on Site feed and noticed that Blogger had already provided an option to attach a HTML footer! It has probably been there since the beginning of time, so now I feel like an idiot. :) Great, and now you know what a moron I am. :P

If you've caught the scrapper bug and have no intention of looking stupid in front of your readers, look for Post Feed Footer under Site Feed in your Blogger Settings. From there, you can insert whatever you want, including HTML into that tiny box and it'll automatically appear at the end of each post in your feed.

And yes, I've resumed the full syndication of this blog with a small author acknowledgment at the bottom of each item.

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