Quick Pandora fix @ tk here on Tuesday, April 04, 2006 2:20 PM
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Quick Pandora fix

So I decided to listen to Pandora again. After discovering Pandora a while back, I switched to last.fm to see what the fuss was about. And it turns out that I liked last.fm quite a bit. Then came this post about mashing Pandora and last.fm together on digg and I checked out Pandora once again.

Pandora and last.fm, if you don't already know, are basically internet radios. Pandora gives you the opportunity to discover new music through some super smart alogrithm that is able to sort different tunes based on their musical qualities. Only one song/artist is all it takes for Pandora to guess what you want or not. Sometimes, it does miss the mark, fortunately that doesn't happen too often.

Last.fm is a totally different beast. Based on the oh-so-popular tagging, you usually start off by listening to some tagged/custom/similar artist radio and begin to amass your tag collection. Or you could just add to the tag radio as well. If you're into collecting tags though, you need quite a few tagged tracks (not that many, maybe 20 or so) to listen to your tagged radio. As you listen to more tracks, you gain more functionality as well, such as neighbour radio and recommendations.

As you can see these 2 are totally different software serving different purposes. Anyway, I logged on to Pandora and realised I couldn't edit my old station at all. All it did was to pop up an error message that apologizes for its inability to do anything (lol). Well I did the unthinkable and sent them a feedback email.

Guess what? I got an email back from Vic @ pandora asking me the usual troubleshooting questions like if the station actually works, etc. I replied that it worked fine, just that editing it seemed to be a problem. That was last Friday/Saturday. Vic just replied a few hours ago that it was indeed a bug and they were fixing it. A while after that email, I saw Pandora asking me to upgrade to the latest version and editing my station works now! A total of about 1 - 2 days, not including non-working days, was required to fix the problem. If only everything else was as efficient...


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