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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Google Video script for Opera and Firefox

(Edit: If you're looking for the firefox version, go to the end of this post.)

Well here is my first post after a month or so (really busy 3 - 4 weeks). And I'm proud to release this Google video script for Opera users. No, I didn't spend an entire month working on this :), it was closer to a few hours yesterday and the day before.

So enough of that and on to what this script does. (The following instructions apply to windows users running Opera 8+.) First, installation. If you're an Opera (the browser) user, just download this user script and stick into your user script (javascript) folder. If you don't know where that is, click tools (in the menubar) -> preferences (or simply ctrl + F12) , goto the advanced tab and click on "content" on the left hand side. Click on a button called "javascript options" and you should see a text label called "My javascript files". In the textbox below it is the location of your user script files. After installing the script, make sure Opera is restarted.

Ok the second and last step is to open Opera and surf down to Google videos. Choose a video you like and click on its link to watch it. When the video's page has loaded, you should see that the page has been modified to allow you to download the video as an avi file. I've changed the default download link to be the avi file (if you wish to download for ipod/psp, just choose the appropriate option). Click on the Download button and a download dialog box should appear asking you where to save the avi file (you should know where to go from here). Or even better, if you prefer to stream the avi file instead, click on the link "Kill the flash and watch the avi instead!" (this may cause some lag while the quicktime/vlc plugin loads). Sit back, relax and wait for the file to load. Once loaded, you should be watching the streamed avi :). If you do regret the decision to view the streamed avi, no worries, click on "Gimme back my flash!" to revert the action. You can switch between them as many times as you like :). (Be warned that the windows vlc plugin will terminate Opera if this link is clicked more than two times, avi -> flash -> avi. No such problems occur with the quicktime plugin.)

Some screenshots from Opera:

Disclaimer: This script has only been tested by me under windows :). Your mileage may vary when using this script under other OSes (although it should work).

Update: I've edited the script for Firefox. Get it here. A known issue is that under Firefox 1.07, you can only switch to avi once. Trying to switch back to flash would cause a harmless javascript error. Untested in the latest Firefox but it should work similarly.

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On 28 July, 2006 19:52, Anonymous said...

there's just one little problem with it - the included page is "*", where it should be "*/videoplay?docid=*". had some stressfull moments before i noticed that little thing ;)

On 29 July, 2006 14:04, tk said...

Hey thanks for pointing that out. I'll be fixing it soon. :)

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