Thanks for working! Here's a metal bar. @ tk here on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 12:12 AM
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thanks for working! Here's a metal bar.


In commemoration of its Founder's Day, United Parcel Service Inc. is giving every employee a metal bar that came from the first aircraft in the company's fleet.

Atlanta-based UPS (NYSE: UPS) is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and Tuesday marks the exact date that the company was founded a century ago.

To commemorate the day, UPS melted down the air frame of N907UP and made 3-inch bars to give its employees, according to spokeswoman Jackie Blair. UPS bases its airlines division in Louisville, Ky.

Since its inception in 1987, UPS Airlines has grown to be the eighth-largest airline in the world, with more than 250 aircraft. It serves more than 400 domestic and 375 international airports and flies more than 1,050 domestic and 765 international flight segments daily.

Here's a look at the coveted metal bar:
n907up, metal bar front
Front of metal bar

n907up, metal bar front
Back of metal bar

It's always nice touch to give out stuff to your employees on anniversaries, especially important ones. Although if I were an employee I'm not too sure what I'd do with it. This guy sure does. He sells it on ebay! Genius! Don't worry, you could always get some here or here. Found another auction here (in German). Want more? Try this ebay search. (Note that the links to ebay, while informative, are also ads by auctionads.)

Doesn't this remind you of a T-shirt? You know the one that says, "I worked for UPS and all I got was this metal bar." I guess this could get quite popular pretty soon.

[Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle]
[Link: Some details about about the plane.]
[Picture of n907up from]
[Pictures of metal bar from respective ebay auctions.]


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On 29 August, 2007 17:55, Anonymous said...

Best part is, if you buy that bar from Ebay, it's shipped through USPS. If that sells, I may just have to sell mine also.

On 29 August, 2007 18:23, tk said...

Gotta love the irony! Lol.

On 26 September, 2008 03:44, Anonymous said...

Let's see, 450 thousand employees. Must have been a pretty large airplane. I guess thought, if you buy in to all the UPS propaganda you'd probably believe it.

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