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Friday, September 07, 2007

High School Musical Scandal Pic is Real!

Vanessa (Venessa) Anne Hudgens (hutchins, hutchinson, hudgins, huggins, hutcheson, hudson, hudgson, hughes) aka Brainy Gabriella scandal The last time in Scandals and scandals, it was revealed that Vanessa Hudgens had produced some full-body self portraits with her camera. And recently the pics have emerged from their hiding and out into the big bad internet. Of course, at that point those pics could have been photoshopped.

However, it seems that the photos bouncing around on the internet are the real deal. Her rep has confirmed the legitimacy of the photos to several sources (shouldn't they be denying?).

And where are those pictures I speak of? As for the juicy pics, you can easily find them online. Really? You need a hint? Try Perez Hilton (Not work safe. Edit: It doesn't seem to be there anymore. But the links below should suffice.).

What I'm wondering now is who got the pics and how they managed to pry these "private" pics away from her.

Edit: You won't believe how many people can't spell "Hudgens" properly.
Edit2: Supposedly someone uploaded it to img.photobucket.com/albums/v469/genstarchild/vanessa.jpg, but it's now a private album. Update: Actually it turns out there's a typo in the url that people are searching for. As for what it is, this Google group thread should tell you (Not work safe).
Edit3: Some more pictures at Crazy days and nights (Not work safe). (Edit: Page is deleted.)

Site gets fooled by satire site Edit: For those searching for the supposed sex video starring Vanessa Hudgens, titled "Open Me First", it's a joke by satirical site (possibly Not work safe). You can see that from the fine print at the very end of the page and from the other headlines. But some sites got fooled anyway.

Edit: Finally, some other (big) site has caught on, after I first noticed this a few days ago. And they're credited as the "source" (at least by Google). Tough luck for me.

Oh and by the way, hello to ufck users. Mind telling me what you guys are looking at/for? Just curious, since I don't have an account.

[Source: TMZ]


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