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Monday, September 03, 2007

Scandals and scandals?

So while I was not paying attention, two stories tried to sneak past my ultra sensitive, highly trained, outrageously expensive, hot stuff detector. Luckily I've got a backup (Surprise!). Note to self, always have a plan B.

So what are those sneaky stories? Well, the first one involves Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, both stars of "High School Musical". Ok, now you're telling me this better be good, cause you don't care too much for kids shows. Yeah well, this may change your mind.

Vanessa Hudgens scandal

The High School Musical franchise is being rocked by a new nude scandal after naked photos of Vanessa Hudgens may appear on the internet.

A source, who claims to have seen the suggestive snapshots, tells American tabloid the National Enquirer, "Shooting into a mirror with her camera phone, she took photos of herself naked except for a gold chain around her waist."

But U.S reports suggest that the photos, which were for Efron's eyes only, are about to start circulating in cyberspace after a third party got hold of them.

Now you're interested? I guess that's something to keep in mind. (No, there are no pictures and I'm not about to post any if there are.) See the update on this in High School Musical Scandal Pic is Real!.

And on to the next story that nearly slipped past me. It starts off innocently enough with a message, "help us reunite this lass with her camera". Then everything goes downhill from there. Way down.

Help us reunite (reunion) this lass with her camera

Apparently someone found a lost camera that happens to belong to a girl. And not just any girl as you can see, it's a rather attractive girl. So what does he do? He setups a Facebook group called "Help us reunite this lass with her camera" with this description.

We are trying to track down the lovely lass in these photos so she can be reunited with her lost digital camera. She certainly knows how to use it!

Along the way, he posts her pictures as well, presumably to help in the search. That sounds ok, and even a nice gesture to help a stranger. Except that those photos are quite revealing. How revealing? Well, in some she's wearing just her camera.

And it's very effective at getting people to help out in the search, if that's what they're claiming to be doing. Every five seconds a new Facebook member joins "the hunt for the elusive girl". The number of members has probably surpassed the 25,000 mark by now.

But there's a twist to this story. It appears that the sexy photos in the group can be found elsewhere online and have already been posted earlier. See the comments on the digg for more.

Now diggers are speculating that this may just be a viral campaign for some porn website (possibly her own). This just gets more and more interesting.

Update: The Daily Mail confirms the suspicions of diggers and says that Wendy is a porn star. And the porn site has admitted that this is a viral campaign. Well, I guessed it worked.

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[Pic from Bitten and Bound]

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