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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

iPhone Free Software Unlock Achieved!

Gizmodo has just confirmed that a free software unlock solution is available for the iPhone by the iPhone Dev Team. This comes just a day or two after iPhoneSIMfree.com unveiled it's paid software unlock (Edit: I mean to end users and not just proof of concept). Of course, the free solution uses some of the techniques from the paid solution, but no one had expected it to be done so quickly.

In case you had no idea, the iPhone is locked to AT&T for 2 years when you buy it. This software will allow you to break free from AT&T and use another (possibly cheaper and better) mobile carrier. Additionally, you can use the iPhone overseas, or from the perspective of those outside the US, they can finally get one and actually use it fully.

I've seen the guide for the software unlock and AT&T can sleep a bit easier since it's not for the faint hearted. However if you're one of those who pulled off OSX on a PC aka OSX86, this should be a piece of cake. Here are the mirrors for the guide:

From the guides, you'll notice that iUnlock.zip is a critical component (Edit: See below for GUI version). Here's a list of mirrors for iUnlock.zip from the wiki (they don't want links to the wiki):
You wanted it, we have it. Enjoy your free iPhone.
Download: http://www.deadbeef.cn/files/iUnlock.zip
Mirror: http://mirror1.deadbeef.cn/iUnlock.zip

Mirror because of too much requests, thanks to the sponsors: http://www.tr0gd0r.com/iUnlock.zip

public download services: http://rapidshare.com/files/55044435/iUnlock.zip.html

Source http://mirror1.deadbeef.cn/iUnlock_src.zip

- dev team

Looks confusing? Don't worry, if you are patient, a simpler and easier method will probably be developed (at least that was how the OSX86 project progressed). Edit: Better GUI version below.

Edit: For more links, head over to the iUnlock thread at the Mac Rumors forum. Also, Engadget has some useful info and links in its iUnlock post.

Edit: A GUI version (ie easy to use, point and click program) has been released. Get it at

Visit the iUnlock thread at the Mac Rumors forum for more links.

And you should take a look at an article about the person behind www.freeiphoneunlock.com at The Unofficial Apple Weblog aka TUAW. Essentially the person, haRRo, isn't part of the iPhone Dev Team and nearly got away with USD42,000.

Edit: New guide at IHacks. By the way, new GUI by iPhone Dev Team + GUI guide are expected soon, so if you can wait a while, it's probably worth it.

Edit: A new automatic version is available - iUnlock Reloaded. But still not out yet is the easy GUI solution. That is still in progress.

Update: Finally the free unlock GUI version (anySIM) is out! Read more about anySIM (where to download, etc) in the anySIM thread at the official forums.

[Source: Gizmodo: iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed (Death Star Explodes)]

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