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Thursday, October 04, 2007

375 Free Photoshop Brushes, Berkeley Lectures and PatchOnClick

Offtopic: Ok, maybe the title is a little misleading since there are only a bunch of Berkeley lectures and one PatchOnClick. But hey at least there are 375 free Photoshop brushes! That's what you're here for, right? Right? No? Ah well...

Anyway, I was doing my thing and came across some interesting links about free stuff I thought you may want to check out. I think there's something for everyone even if you're not like anyone. :)

First Link - PatchOnClick
The first link I came across was . Believe it or not, this appeared on and I just clicked on it, hoping to be introduced to a new and useful freeware program. (After all, the site name was FreewareGenius and at worst it'll just be some lame program. So in case you're wondering if anyone actually clicks on , I'm one of the clickers.)


Boy was I surprised at the potential usefulness of . Weighing in at a light 935k, it allows you to create patches for any file. At this point, the utility of probably hasn't struck you yet, due to my poor and inadequate explanation.

But just think about this - many programs you use require patches to fix some bug or add a new feature. The most common example would be Windows XP or Vista. Instead of downloading everything again, patches only update the necessary parts, making them smaller and saving you space and time.

The same idea applies to PatchOnClick. You have an old file, 1, which is updated to become file 2. Your friend has the file 1. Rather than sending him/her file 2, run file 1 and file 2 through PatchOnClick to get patch file 1+2. Ask your friend to download PatchOnClick and apply patch file 1+2 to file 1. The end result? Your friend ends up with file 2, without you sending the entire file 2 over.

There are however, some limitations with PatchOnClick. Tiny files don't benefit much or may even put on extra weight while large files are likely to benefit the most from patching, though that may not be always true. See for some actual test results.

Second Link - Free Berkeley Lectures at YouTube

Free Berkeley Lectures at YouTube

The second link I stumbled upon was . UC Berkeley announced it was posting full-length lectures on YouTube and they weren't kidding. At , there are already a available. Topics include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and... ?!? Yup, seems they have a as well and Google's invited.

Final Link - 375 Free Photoshop Brushes
The last link I have to share is a title-says-it-all link. Found at , it's a collection of Photoshop brushes. Heh, what more can I say? I told you the title says it all. :)

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