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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free: Listas, Fonts, Fix-It Club, ASCII Art Generator, Documentaries, Gyminee, Crush3r, Songkick

In case you're wondering where Monday's freebies went, I'd like to know as well. Tell me if you find them. :) Just kidding, I kinda forgot/didn't have time for freebies yesterday. Besides, most visitors seem to have more interest in my iPhone posts. Hmm... is that a light bulb above my head?

Another change you may have noticed is the inclusion of the . It's easy to install, has a ton of options (threaded comments, comment moderation, reputation, top commenters, recent comments widget and more) and recently had a login bug fixed. :) Yeah, I helped a bit with that bug. ;)

But the best part of Intense Debate, in my opinion anyway, is that it gives Blogger blogs inline comments. Do away with complicated hackery and just install Intense Debate. It's simple, free and gives you more features than the default Blogger comment system. A dedicated post on Intense Debate should be coming up some time soon, I hope. :)

Anyway on to the freebies that were supposed to be out yesterday...


Listas Another day, another Microsoft web service. This time it's , a web app that allows you to make lists on your own or with others, as well as sharing them out to the world. Different types of content can be added to the lists created, such as RSS feeds, videos and audio. However, I didn't test it out fully because I'm not too crazy about lists, but if you're the organized type, Listas could be right for you.

Free fonts

It's that time of the month again. in its monthly Free Fonts post. Be sure to check out Moderna, Mido, Liberation and a couple more well made fonts.

Fix-It Club

Fix-It Club Learn how to repair broken stuff at . There are 145 guides available and membership is free and optional. Basically just visit the site and you're a member. Well, that was simple. :)

ASCII Art Generator

Take an image, run it through the and you get an image made out of text. Try it out with the highest quality settings (tick color as well) and you'll be surprised at the resolution of the ASCII art and the size of the generated HTML. Hint: It's fun to use and nice to look at but it requires more overhead than the original image at the highest settings.

Free Documentaries

I guess the title says it all. has loads of documentaries that you can immediately stream online for free. From Africa to Asia, catch the documentaries you missed or re-watch your favorite ones. As always, videos are hosted elsewhere so watch it while you can.


Gyminee Ah, finally a high tech solution to a low tech problem. Computer users worldwide rejoice as provides a way to improve your (un)fitness. You can create workout programs, track your exercise/diet goals and share them with buddies (GymBuddies) at Gyminee. In beta and currently totally free, . Only one problem - looking at those tedious exercises has made me too exhausted to try them out. :)


is an event planner/informer/inviter. Registration is optional for everyone involved (yup, that includes the creator). If you're worried no one will actually turn up, there's a handy poll feature that asks everyone for their best date and time. Customization is also possible and many options are available (RSVP, printing out invitations, photos/videos, map and more) but if you're in a hurry, just fill in the bare essentials and your invitations will done in a jiffy. Anyone want to try using Crush3r for their engagement/wedding invites?


Songkick tracks your favorite singers/bands/performers and notifies you when they're touring in the vicinity so that you can buy tickets. They do this by crawling ticket vendors' feeds and the internet. Songkick has a plugin called the that scans your harddisk for music files to track artists it finds. In addition, can be used to add/remove artists you like/dislike. An interesting feature from Songkick is their embed code that is able to automatically list tickets from bands that you mention on your blog. Of course the bands must be touring for this to happen. :) At the moment, Songkick lists only acts performing in US/UK.

That's it for today's freebies. Or is that yesterday's freebies? :) Well, be sure to come back later for more freebies, I hope. ;)

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