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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Click (Easier) RevirginizingTool

What is the RevirginizingTool?

The iPhone Elite Team (a fork of the original iPhone Dev Team) has released , a "one click" revirginizing program that runs on your iPhone. After running this, you should be left with a locked iPhone (ie the state your iPhone was in when you first bought it). This news is in development as it was out only 3 hours ago and steps to use it (also on the same page) are being updated as I type.

Edit: Only 2 hours after this posting, the steps have been refined to be much more user friendly. However, at the rate that things are progressing, someone is probably hard at work developing a GUI version of this - a proper one-click tool. And don't be surprised if that actually surfaces tomorrow. :)

Edit (Oct 24 2007): has been made. See newer version in the next sentence.

Edit (Oct 25 2007): .

Does it work?

Although this is supposed to be a "one click" tool, there are extra steps required, mainly to backup certain important files in case something goes wrong. If this tool works as advertised, then it would replace that gained popularity a few days back.

Edit: Users are reporting success with the tool (at the above).

Need help?

Threads at about this revirginizer are being removed presumably because this tool is not developed by the iPhone Dev Team and they can't provide support for it.

Edit: Visit for discussion on this tool. You may not be able to visit the forum at the moment due to DNS problems.

Here's . Very little posts though.

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