Just Out: CARNAVAL, Unofficial iPhone FAQ thread @ tk here on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 2:55 PM
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just Out: CARNAVAL, Unofficial iPhone FAQ thread


stands for Complete Activation and Relief for the Nagged Anxious Vexed and Anguished Lad(y). :) It is the successor to (Point and Click Activation with YouTube) for the iPhone.

CARNAVAL helps you with:

* Jailbreak
* Activation
* Youtube
* 3rd Party Software

RW means Read/Write, it's a access directive that means that you can read and right files.


P.S.: CARNAVAL will help you jailbreak your phone. It's an interactive process, though. Instructions will be given during execution. That's because you have to do some procedures yourself in the phone for the first part of the jailbreak (putting the symlink). Aside from that, CARNAVAL is mostly automatic.

WARNING: CARNAVAL is for iPhone 1.1.1 only and you should have iTunes version 7.4 (newer version). Also, this is the first release, as the first to try you are helping the community as a tester but is also running the risk of using buggy software. -


Using CARNAVAL, you can jailbreak/activate your 1.1.1 iPhone and then unlock with AnySIM 1.1. CARNAVAL is for Windows XP/Vista and was written by Hackint0sh member brasuco. The quoted statement above states that CARNAVAL is in its first version release, however, . You can download CARNAVAL (1342 KB) at .

Edit: Newer version of CARNAVAL coming out soon. .
Also, I'd like to let you know that I'll be releasing an upadated version of CARNAVAL soon that might include some of your suggestions like international keyboad (actually, I thought it was already included. I guess I used the wrong plist to pack the final version of CARNAVAL). -

Does CARNAVAL work?

Hackint0sh members report that CARNAVAL v0.2 is easy to use and works fine.


Help is available (provided by brasuco and other members) at the .

Unofficial iPhone FAQ thread

was started by Hackint0sh member LA20. You can read it to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and understand the meaning of some of the frequently used terminology.

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