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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Free: RightLoad, Mango, Ezmo

As I , there'll be extra freebies today! This shall be the part one of today's freebie post.


RightLoad If you're always uploading miscellaneous files to your ftp server (you lucky devil), installing can speed things up for you. All it takes to upload files with RightLoad is two simple clicks - a right click (on the files you want to upload) and a left click (on the folder you want to upload to). After uploading, it'll even give you a HTML link list of the files you just uploaded, so you can insert them into your site/blog. RightLoad is for Windows only, so other users have to go the normal route for uploading files. :)

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When I first looked at , I was rather skeptical about the site. Mango proudly claims to be
The first Free enterprise language learning course available on the Internet.

With 100 lessons in each of 11 language courses, it is easy to assume that Mango had skimped on the quality of its courses, especially due its low price of free.

However when I tried out its French course for English speakers (I don't speak French), I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was wrong. Mango's languages courses are not only easy to pickup (at least for French), there are also in popups to help you pronounce the words.

Each slide can be repeated as many times as you wish and certain language peculiarities are also highlighted. For example, in French, "you" can be translated as "vous" or "tu", but "vous" is the preferred term in formal conversation. If you haven't got the time to finish all 100 lessons (French Lesson 1 alone has 100 slides), just select the course you want to continue and it'll remember which slide you stopped at.

However, as Mango is currently in beta, it isn't without bugs. One bug I found was that the audio for French lesson 1, slide 7, is missing. That isn't too crucial as it's the slide explaining the use of "vous" and "tu". If it were to be a slide involving pronunciation of French words, then that would hinder you in your lesson. Another suggestion for Mango would be to improve load times if possible. Mango isn't slow to load, but it'd be great if it could cache the next slide so that a user wouldn't need to wait a second or two for it to load. I know this may increase bandwidth requirements for Mango, but it'd definitely improve a user's experience.

uses Adobe Flash 9 and hence is cross-platform compatible. Its team also has a sense of humor - look out for a Pig Latin course if you visit Mango. If you plan on learning a foreign language, give Mango a try. :)


Ezmo Need a free, unlimited music streaming service? Take a look at . Ezmo

  • has unlimited storage space. [+]
  • has no upper limits on file size. [+]
  • allows you to stream music anywhere as long as your browser supports Adobe Flash 9. [+]
  • allows you to share music with up to 10 people. [+]
  • is legal. [+]
  • is cross-platform. [+]
  • supports mp3, wma, ogg, m4a and aac. [+]
  • transcodes your files to 100 - 128 kbps for playback. [-]
  • does not allow you to download your songs from their server. [-]
  • does not support iTunes DRM protected tracks. (Only Apple has access to the DRM scheme, so there's no way around this currently, unless you burn those tracks to a CD and rip songs from that CD.) [-]

There are plenty of good reasons to use Ezmo, with only 2 negative points that I can think of (the last one doesn't really count). I think except for audiophiles, most people should be satisfied with Ezmo as their music server.

That's not the end of today's freebies. Check back later for another freebie post!

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