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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Teacup Pigs - Miniature pigs the size of a tea cup

Tetley the Teacup Pig - so small he can fit into a tea cup Cute little pigs that can fit in your hand. Just a fantasy? Nope. See the piglet on the left? He's Tetley and he's no bigger than your standard tea cup. He's part of the Pennywell miniature pigs recently born on the Pennywell farm, which is famous for breeding these ultra small pigs. Catch more of Tetley and his siblings in the video below (made by , who also photographed Tetley above) and at or .


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On 19 October, 2007 08:02, kayley said...

are these teacup pigs for sale?
if so how much are they?

On 19 October, 2007 15:43, tk said...

kayley: They are for sale at £150 (about 300 USD) each. That's what British TV celebrity Jonathan Ross paid for his pair at the Pennywell farm. In fact, they are bred to be sold as pets.

The Pennywell farm website is currently overwhelmed by visitors flocking to buy/see the pigs. However, I was able to get this piece of text: The new litter of piglets at Pennywell Farm have been delighting the visitors and love to be cuddled.

We have received thousands of enquiries from all over the world from people wanting to buy a piglet for themselves. At the moment there is a waiting list of up to a year and due to the huge volume of enquiries we are no longer able to reply personally.

If you are still interested in owning a Pennywell piglet, please recontact us in about six months time and keep an eye on the website for further updates.

Thank you for your patience.

If you're in the US, you could try contacting this seller. Not too sure if the seller still has the pigs for sale. This seller claims to be located at Osteen, FL 32764.

On 31 October, 2007 12:40, danny said...

do you no of anymore sites that sell these pigs?

On 31 October, 2007 13:34, tk said...

danny: Sorry, these are the only ones I know of. I suggest looking at the Pennywell farm website if you really want to get one, since that's where the pigs come from.

On 04 January, 2008 00:51, Anonymous said...

YOU DOONTTTT WHANT ONE! LOL i have had one and trust me they look cute theyr but wohhh tthey grow as big as a bloody springer spaniel wich is .. wel u can find that out for ur self if u rlly want one lol ....OKEYYY THEYR ABSOLOUTLYYYYY LUVABLEE N I LOVE THEM BUT THEY WONT STAY TINY AND CUT FOR EVER!! but still loook in to itt!!!!
byby thanks

On 04 January, 2008 20:06, tk said...

anon: Lol, you speak of them like they're miniature devils in disguise.

On 06 January, 2008 12:33, piggylover07 said...

wher can i buy one of there little piggies any how much are they??

On 07 January, 2008 22:41, Kovian said...

I've got to be honest - this is a load of crap. Yeah they're really cute NOW but pay attention, they're just piglets and they're going to get bigger and then you have alot of complications on your hands. You bring back a sweet little piglet that you can cuddle and look after but in a year or so they grow up and consume everything in your kitchen, then ofcourse it's "just not cute anymore" so you get bored with it, your kids lose interest in it and you get rid of it. Then there are thousands of homeless pigs being sent god knows where and probably ending up being killed. For one thing - look at the SIZE of those piglet's mother! She's HUGE, and they'll grow just as big as she is now, so think about it.

On 09 January, 2008 18:09, Anonymous said...

They are not piglets, if you actually pay attention, it says they are the SIZE of piglets. The farm has been breeding these miniature pigs for 9 years, dont you think that if the miniature pigs grew to be huge, someone would've noticed by now! And not to mention that if a celebrity bought a miniature pig that turned out to be huge, they would definately mention it, esp someone like Jonathon Ross.

On 27 January, 2008 04:23, Anonymous said...

I must chime in! I am the owner of a "tea-cup" pig. She was as small as those pictured when I got her - the parents were prettu small too. It turns out that the parents were only 3 months old when they had the babies. Miniature Pigs grown for 3 YEARS. My tea cup pig is 4 years old and 125 pounds.

She is a wonderful pet - but don't buy one unless you are willing to accept the fact the chances are your pig will weigh between 70 and 150 pounds as an adult. My pig lives in the house and is housebroken. Much smarter than a dog. Ask the breeder for references of people who have bought pigs three or more years ago - visit or call them.

On 08 March, 2008 00:57, Anonymous said...

I have wanted one of these little piggies for our family. Everything I read says that they will stay little and that they wont weigh more then 20 to 50 lbs and the I get on here and people say that they will weigh up to 100 lbs what is true.Plaese someone tell it how it really IS

On 31 March, 2008 17:20, letty said...

i am realy interested in buying 4 teacup pigs, we also have dogs cats and chickens, could you tell me how much it would cost and when they would be available, thank you for your time, ms a perkins.

On 07 April, 2008 18:15, leanne said...

hi, i'm lookin 1 of them teacup pigs. do u no if there is any at the minute. leanne

On 01 June, 2008 05:07, Anonymous said...

I have 2 pennywell pigs. They come from a farm in devon uk.They cost £250 each. The waiting list is now closed due to it being to long. They grow to the size of labardor dogs. I've seen their parents. Their head are much bigger than the dogs with short legs with long backs. They can be house train my girl is. My boy wets everywhere at the moment and has wrecked my laminated floor. They both chew everything look for food all day or sleep. They learn tricks very quickly which is fun. I love them to bits but they do need watching.

On 18 June, 2008 06:52, Anonymous said...

Can you ship one to the united stated?? If so how much & how long would it take to arrive here??
Awwww I want one so bad! There adorable!! Write back please!

On 30 June, 2008 08:17, Anonymous said...

hey i am 13years old and i been wanting a pig for years probably since i was 3years old but my mom said that they are to big and so when i heard of these i asked her and she said yes but the problem is i dont know where to get one so can you help me out????

message me back at mandaesweet789@yahoo.com..........PLEASE!!!!

On 17 July, 2008 07:15, Anonymous said...

there are smaller pigs than Pennywell's. They are Royal Dandie's and Royal Danie Extreme. I don't have one, but I'm looking into it some more. These are the only ones i could find besides Pennywell's.

heres the link for the Danies:


On 21 July, 2008 08:49, tacolover3 said...

how big to teacup pigs get

On 21 July, 2008 08:52, tacolover3 said...


On 21 July, 2008 08:54, tacolover3 said...


On 21 July, 2008 21:48, Anonymous said...

People who are fussing becasue the mini pigs get big are being dumb. Of course they are gonna get big...everything grows up. Kids get big, puppies get big, and people still have them. CHILL OUT!! Treat the mini pigs like dogs and cats and get them fixed and only get one. Not that hard.

On 22 July, 2008 20:40, jessica said...

are there any smaller pigs when they grow up other than teacup pigs?

On 22 July, 2008 20:43, jessica said...

are there any teacup pigs that their parents weren't big so they probably wont get as big as a normal teacup. how big do they get? how much are they?

On 24 July, 2008 09:33, hiddenvalley said...

check out this website, http://www.hiddenvalleyrabbitryandfarm.com they have some tiny Mini Pigs, they get between 30-60 lbs, as adults and are awesome we have bought several and so have my family and friends. This is the only other place I know of to get the tiny ones. They have rare colors and are very nice people. check them out if you want a mini pig, they will have more for sale next week! Tell her Tonya sent ya their way. Her name is Melissa phone # is (606)743-1177 I put her email so you can reply to her!

On 07 August, 2008 08:51, Anonymous said...

Ummm everyone.... there's no such thing as a teacup pig. (i wish there was, trust me!) only a pig that is malnourished w/endless organ problems.

On 20 August, 2008 23:28, Anonymous said...

I am interested in buying one of these pigs, When they are an adult how big in cm are they?

On 28 August, 2008 06:10, JF. said...

This --> http://lh6.ggpht.com/jofrenchie/SLXHgz2FEjI/AAAAAAAADZw/sgfHU0qp4xA/s800/800px-Ulm_Tiergarten_H%C3%A4ngebauchschwein.jpg, is your "micro/mini/teacup/extreme" pig.
OK, has it sunk in yet?

Pigs are large animals. Perhaps in a few years there will be exceptions. But right now, open your eyes. A "teacup" pig is a piglet, aka a baby pig. Little pig grows up and becomes adult pig. Big adult pig.

Read: http://www.zimbio.com/Teacup+Pig+Magazine/articles/1/Welcome+wikizine+called+Teacup+Pig+Magazine

End of story.
Sorry guys. :(

"mature, purebred, potbellied pig weigh between 60 and 175 pounds"

If you like small pigs, I suggest looking into Guinea-Pigs. They are even smaller, and there's the word "pig" in their name...

On 28 August, 2008 06:42, JF. said...

Beg your pardon, a problem coding the links.

Link 1: photo
Link 2: discussion
Link 3: website

On 02 September, 2008 02:28, Anonymous said...

look these pigs are currently £250 pound wiv a 2 year waiting list. yeh they do grow! ofcourse they do but think! alright..a normal pig is way more than double the size!,.dont get it unless you like PIGS!..there just like having a dog basically!

On 02 September, 2008 02:32, Anonymous said...

look also 1.photo link isnt actually one of these type of pigs that person has just picked one of the computer/..they probaly just want them all to themselves!!

On 09 September, 2008 01:42, Anonymous said...

These pigs are so cute i always wanted a pig but i would have never imagined a miniture pig! if i wanted to get ine how much are they and what would i have to do to get it?

On 09 September, 2008 02:13, teacuppiggy said...

I have a male, very loving super cute pink 4week old teacup piggy for sale to a good home with backyard. email me if interested I am in Clearwater, Fl.

I can send you pictures!

On 09 September, 2008 12:42, sarah said...

i will buy one . call me (909) 456 6525

On 21 September, 2008 00:31, Anonymous said...

Are these teacup size pigs for sale i have a licence and very intrested in buying two could you please contact me at chel-chel@hotmail.co.uk

On 21 September, 2008 00:37, chelsea said...

are these pigs for sale i am very intrested in geting some and have a licence for them plz could you contact me on

On 20 October, 2008 05:03, Anonymous said...

how can i buy one and can they be shiped to the usa. can you message me at bpsoldal@yahoo.com

On 06 November, 2008 06:38, kristi said...

i would really love to get one of these pigs. But i live in canada,i was wondering if there was ANY posible way i could get on shiped to me. could you get back to me ASAP to let me. know if it is posible and the cost.
thank-you soo much
my e-mail is mistymis_14@msn.com

On 06 November, 2008 06:39, Anonymous said...


On 20 November, 2008 06:45, Andrew said...

Hi i would love to buy one of your teacup pigs. I live in new york and was wondering if anyone in the U.S was selling one or if i could have one shipped in from out of the states. PLease get back to me if you have any information so i could contact you further.


On 02 December, 2008 13:09, Jaclynn said...

These "teacup pigs", which are so cute are equivalent to a potbellied pig. If you are so interested in buying one, make sure to do your research, so the pig has a good home. Make sure you have the appropriate housing for when you are not at home and it is rooting, because that is what all pigs do. There are quite a few breeders in the US that breed smaller pigs that are even smaller than the "teacup pigs" shown above.

On 19 December, 2008 04:19, Anonymous said...

Jaclynn said, "There are quite a
few breeders in the US that breed
smaller pigs that are even smaller
than the "teacup pigs" shown

Thank you Jaclynn! Yes. There
definitely are. We are one of
those breeders. I'm not trying to
be unkind or rude or drum up
business for our farm. I'm trying
to keep you from being ripped off,
taken for a ride, bamboozled or
whatever you choose to call it. If
someone is trying to charge you
$1000 - $6000 for a piglet you
better think long and hard about
what kind of person you might be
dealing with. It doesn't matter
what kind of piglet it is. Micro
pig or tea cup pig or any other
fancy marketing name they throw
at you. We have an organic
homestead in SE Missouri and have
been breeding and raising true
minis for going on seven years now.
We have adult mini Swedish White,
Old Spot and hybrid miniature pigs
on our farm. When babies are born
they weigh about 6oz. and fit in
the palm of your hand, but they all
will grow to the range of 15lbs. -
40lbs. That is just the way it is,
and I defy anyone to show me an
adult miniature pig that is any
smaller than that. If you have
questions and want *realistic*,
*honest* answers, please feel free
to e-mail us P.A.B.'s Farm at
angelamcnelly@yahoo.com. Take care
and happy piglet hunting,
Angie. ( : !

On 31 December, 2008 11:49, Kathryn said...

Hi, my name is Kathryn and I currently have a minature pot bellied pig. Her name is finley and she is 3 months old, weighing 13 lbs. Her coloring is considered to be extremely rare - the top of her coat is red with white stripes, her underlying belly is pink, and she has black spots covering. She is potty trained and very lovable. I am 16 years old and recieved her as a birthday present. I have a very busy schedule and am not able to take care of her at the pace needed. My mom and I have decided to sell her for $500 - we originally paid over $1000. If you would like more information please e-mail me at dansawoah@yahoo.com.

On 01 January, 2009 16:45, Anonymous said...

are this adorable pigs for sale if so please contact me at my e-mail

On 09 January, 2009 04:14, Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
YOU DOONTTTT WHANT ONE! LOL i have had one and trust me they look cute theyr but wohhh tthey grow as big as a bloody springer spaniel wich is .. wel u can find that out for ur self if u rlly want one lol ....OKEYYY THEYR ABSOLOUTLYYYYY LUVABLEE N I LOVE THEM BUT THEY WONT STAY TINY AND CUT FOR EVER!! but still loook in to itt!!!!
byby thanks
I love pigs all of them i dont care how big they get and plus thats small for a pig silly! :) i really want one but im not allowed

On 15 January, 2009 16:54, Anonymous said...

I sell TEACUP SHEEP!!! Super cute!!! Can easily fit inside larger pocket of True Religion Jeans!!! Awesome pets!!!Take them anywhere!!! The movies, Starbucks, you name it!!! Be the talk of the town!!!!!

On 16 January, 2009 00:04, Anonymous said...

Please go to scampp.com and read the article "The Truth about Teacup Pigs" I want to see pictures of some of these "teacup" pigs after they are five years old!! Anybody who has purchased these pigs three, five or more years ago, please e-mail "real live CURRENT photos" to info@scampp.com so we can get this straight; that's if these teacups lived that long due to being undernourished.

On 30 January, 2009 06:19, Jess Hall said...


Does anyone know of breeders in Australia? I am very interested in purchasing one


On 06 February, 2009 00:58, Anonymous said...

Hi There
I was just wondering if there were any breeders in South Africa? I just love little pigs and would love to get one to love it!

On 06 February, 2009 00:59, Anonymous said...

Hi There
I was just wondering if there were any breeders in South Africa? I just love little pigs and would love to get one to love it!


On 12 February, 2009 01:01, hannah said...

hey i wnt a pig soooooooooooo muck i am 12 and absoblutely posotively love pigs i love them scince i was born seriously i love them

On 12 February, 2009 04:03, Anonymous said...

surely its a win win situation. look after a cute little piglet for a couple of years and when it gets too big? bacon sandwich time. mmmmm porcinealicious. i wouldnt mind a midget lamb and a dwarf steak, woops i mean cow. I am on a diet..

On 26 February, 2009 12:46, Anonymous said...

am 15 and i can only get a teacup pig where can i get a female pig for a good price ans shipping

On 08 March, 2009 11:01, letha :p said...

i think there is a ton of stuckup self centered low life losers that left pathetic remarks about these cute adorable little rascales i think some pepole need to take there head out of their buts and need to get it back in the sky where it belongs. now where can i get one how much do they cost and what do THEY need to have a good long succesful life and props to those who want one or have one and love them to the rest who made coments U REALLY DONT NEED TO LEAVE COMENTS THAT CRUSH OTHERS DREAMS. i am 12 going on 13 and this is what i want for my birthday so plz let me know where to purchase one and how much they are thanks alot

Letha :p

On 08 March, 2009 11:07, letha :p said...

letha edwards And are yall stupid or somin cuz if you stupids noticed they were cross bread thats why there mom is so big im 12 and in 7th grade and aparently i know more about this stuff then yall some stuckups on here say that if you want one they are a ton of responsibility and then whine about it maybe you should sell or give your pig away to someone that really has looked into it

On 28 May, 2009 12:35, Anonymous said...

im 16 years old and i would love a teacup piglet that stay a small size. does anyone know where i could get one at an affordable price. not something like 1,000 dollars.

On 31 May, 2009 11:50, Anonymous said...

WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!!those cute little pigs in the video...are newborn piglets...THEY DO NOT STAY THAT SIZE!!!!!!!!! SEE the MOTHER!!!!!!THATS HOW BIG THEY WILL GET!!!!!!!!!!!THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS A TEACUP PIG!!!!!ITS ONLY A DIFFERENT NAME FOR SMALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!as is MINI PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE SMALLEST PIG KNOWN IS THE VIETNEMESE POT BELLY PIG(original name)>>>>>>


i have pot bellied pigs....aka teacup....aka mini pigs......and my piglets were small just like in the video...but my piglets mother is about 60 lbs..Which is what my piglets should weigh..BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!!

On 08 June, 2009 05:46, Anonymous said...

the pig is called an royal dandy or an royal dandy extreme they cost around 5000 dollars! but they are worth it i have two thir on place to get them

On 09 June, 2009 05:38, Anonymous said...

the person that said their is no such thing as teacup pigs are wrong! pennywell has breeding for years and has made a cute mini pig that is healthier than an normal pig so whoever says they get big are wrong their top weight is 60 pounds

On 10 June, 2009 21:37, Anonymous said...

i want buy one pig:">,,,,how should I do?

On 10 June, 2009 21:40, Anonymous said...

please tell me! my email address Creatza_baby_star@yahoo.com

On 20 June, 2009 11:19, Anonymous said...

So I am very interested in buying a teacup pig and would like a few questions answered. One, Where is this farm located and two, are they for sale? I would love to know. Thank you so much.

- Erica

On 02 July, 2009 02:04, Christopher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
On 02 July, 2009 02:05, Christopher said...

Now do these Mini Oinks actually Eat Granola? I heard that somewhere...

On 02 July, 2009 02:12, HBOI said...

i've been feeding my mini oinks granola for years. This is the secrete to keeping your piggies really really tiny.

On 13 July, 2009 09:54, Anonymous said...

hey my name is nytashia. i am looking into getting a pig and had a few questions about their socialization, diet, training, are your pigs, because of breeding them smaller and smaller, prone to any certain health conditions? what their final weight would be? current costs and registration, if needed. i live in Canada.

On 21 July, 2009 05:25, Anonymous said...

nytashia these pigs are born around other animals so once they come home their good they are almost like a dog they come to their name they do tricks and can be walked on a leash and be litter box trained but so your pig is healthy you must feed it specail food which you can get from the breeder when you pick up your piggy

On 18 August, 2009 20:14, Anonymous said...

dude ur all idiots, yes these piggies are lush and adorable, and they stay adorable and cute but grow to the size of a cocker. Much smaller than a normal meat pig but a lot bigger than it is now. Fantastic pets for pig lovers with not as much space for a big pig.

Remember guys pigs are real clever - much smarter than dogs and therefore probablly too smart for most of you idiots who just like the idea of one!

On 24 September, 2009 04:01, Anonymous said...

I had a pig as a pet myself and cute as can be when babies - look like typical pigs in a smaller version when grown. Very smart - I had mine housebroke in a day - not litter trained - house broke. But even though they are smaller than domestic pigs they still can get to be 75 lbs or more. If I had a farm or had one that would truly stay small would get one in a minute - great pets.

On 08 October, 2009 21:29, lucy fisher said...

hi im lucy and im looking in to getting a mirco pig pet but not sure if i have to have to have a special lience for one or not and if it has to have injections to be able to take for a walk if you could let me im very interested in them

On 17 October, 2009 21:50, Katherine said...

I want to get a new pet and wy mom said I could possibly get a maltese or teacup pig...Which do I choose?

P.s. whoever made the stupid remark about the bacon I am 14 and haven't eaten any pig products since i was 5. What you said was sick and cruel.

On 20 October, 2009 02:05, shan said...

hello, i really really want a teacup piggies do you deliver to kent??

On 03 November, 2009 19:26, Anonymous said...

I sell these pigs in N.W. Ohio.
They are between $700 - $3,500.
They are sold in-tact as breeders. My place is called "The FUNee Farm"
udderlyelite@yahoo.com or
Jeff and Dawn Donofrio

On 07 November, 2009 08:02, Anonymous said...

"letha edwards And are yall stupid or somin cuz if you stupids noticed they were cross bread thats why there mom is so big im 12 and in 7th grade and aparently i know more about this stuff then yall some stuckups on here say that if you want one they are a ton of responsibility and then whine about it maybe you should sell or give your pig away to someone that really has looked into it"

wow your sounding a little stuckup yourself there. just to let you know i am 15 i have 5 horses and 2 teacup pigs they are not alot of resopsibility. if i have time to take care of 5 horses and 2 pigs then everybody else should to!! nobody is stupid to get one. they are like taking care of a dog. they are wonderful pets they are like sisters to me and even though they are ful grown they arre still cutee you are definatly not wasting your money on them.

On 08 November, 2009 20:41, ella said...

im in love with all the mini pigs how much are they i liv in south wales !!!! ?????

On 12 November, 2009 08:46, 01rhw said...


I am seriously thinking of getting a mini-pig, and just wanted to clear up a few things before I make a decision.
How long can I leave a mini-pig alone in the house for? Luckily I have flexible working hours, but I would still be interested to know

Also, I travel to see family once every couple of months and wondered how well a mini-pig would cope with a 3 hour car journey?

Comments appreciated x

On 09 December, 2009 18:31, Anonymous said...

www.thefuneefarm.com is selling Mini pigs right now!
Dawn Donofrio 419-825-7276

On 12 December, 2009 05:27, Anonymous said...

some of these people that are saying stuck up stupid stuff are just freakin stupid thereselves!!!!!!! i am 11 goin on 12 and i really really want a teacup pig!!! but my mom wont let me!! what should i do to convince her???? and how much are these cute little things??? and where are they??? i live in virginia!! :) well, i really want one!!! and i am such a good animal care taker!!! i am really responsible and i love animals!! :)


On 26 December, 2009 09:06, sophia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
On 26 December, 2009 09:08, sophia said...

hi, i am 13 years of age and my parents are allowing me to purchase a tea cup pig.....i was wondering where i can get one and is it even legal to have a tea cup pig as a pet?

On 04 January, 2010 10:44, Anonymous said...

i heard about the teacup pigs i believe on the Oprah show and seriously wanted one. HOWEVER... i began doing my research and came across this website. www.SCAMPP.com if you're thinking of getting one - u may want to visit the site before purchasing. it's always good to be well informed!!

On 13 January, 2010 08:20, amber said...

if you have a mini pig for sale i would love one pleases e-mail me:)

On 03 March, 2010 04:16, Del and Ilene Aitchison said...

There's no such thing as a teacup pig, they will grow to a MINIMUM of 100 pounds in 5 years. Read the truth here: http://bit.ly/4h4wZ4

On 10 March, 2010 15:24, Term Paper said...

I'm very thankful to the author for posting such an amazing development post. Continuing to the post, This is a fantastic survey, very nice write up,Thanks you for sharing.

On 12 March, 2010 01:20, Anonymous said...

i like these pigs please :)

On 12 March, 2010 01:23, Anonymous said...

you are hurting the pigs feelings please can you stop being nasty "/

On 12 March, 2010 01:23, Anonymous said...

you are hurting the pigs feelings please can you stop being nasty "/

On 29 March, 2010 21:32, Anonymous said...

I purchased one of the mini pigs from Pennywell Farm in 2009 for 350GBP and was told he would not grow bigger than a cocker spaniel over the following 18 months. He is now the size of a large labrador, weighs around 15 stone and is still growing! BEWARE, THEY GROW VERY BIG!

On 15 June, 2010 21:05, Moshley said...

nice post..thnks

On 26 June, 2010 02:40, ashlov8 said...

I just started breeding these little guys in Canada. It was a long painful process to get them here, but they are here. My teacup pigs came from Hidden Valley Rabbitry in West Liberty, Kentucky (www.hiddenvalleyrabbitryandfarm.com) which was featured on the Tyra show and on MTV. She is referring her Canadian customers to me. I am in Saskatchewan and I can ship anywhere in Canada and the US. You can visit my website for much more information at: www.valleyblossoms.com. You can contact me at ashloverin@hotmail.com.

On 05 July, 2010 01:21, Anonymous said...

I breed mini pigs, I have some that look like the one pictured above. My parents are all 3 years old and weight 30-40 pounds. I live in southern, IL USA. I have babies for sale now. If you are interested in buying one, you can email me at microminipigs@yahoo.com

On 18 September, 2010 14:00, Anonymous said...

hey im summer and iv been wanting a miniatue pot belly pig for 3 or 4 years and i cant seem to find any good breeders to buy that little buddy iv been looking for so if u can help me in some way... im hopeinp to get one next month in october.

On 06 November, 2010 11:09, Anonymous said...

hey i realli want one of these tea cup pigs but wonderin do they get realli big ???if you no where you can get them let me no i think there georgeous !!!! please write back soon xxx

On 08 November, 2010 12:13, Anonymous said...

i am looking to buy a miniature pig. im looking for a place around the chicagoland area. if anyone know of a place plese email at wwf_kel@yahoo.com thank you!!

On 23 January, 2011 10:56, codybravo1 said...

I'm a veterinary technician and a potbelly pig owner. There's a few facts people should keep in mind when shopping for a pet pig. First, piglets sexually mature at the age of six months. Second, pigs do not reach mature size till 4 years of age. Third, ALL piglets are tiny when newborns, even the large breeds. I mention these facts so anyone shopping for a piglet doesn't get "taken in" by the numerous unscrupulous breeders who breed very young, still small, immature pigs, then convince unsuspecting individuals that these pigs are micros and teacups, etc...by pointing to the small size of the parents as well as the tiny size of the piglet. Sadly, after a few years most of these pigs reach mature sizes of 80lbs or more and eventually wind up in pig rescues. There are breeders out there who breed Vietnamese pigs, which are the true miniature potbelly pig. Healthy, well bred miniature pot belly pigs will reach a mature height of up to 15 inches tall and weight between 35-70lbs, depending on genetics and diet. My suggestion to anyone who's serious about a pet pig is to go the breeding facility and ask questions. Be sure the breeder can verify the age of the pigs being bred. This can be readily done through veterinary records and vaccine history. Also credible breeders will usually have several generations of pigs for you to examine. Unfortunately, there's more unscrupulous pig breeders out there than credible ones, so do your due diligence.
I'm not trying to talk anyone out of getting a pet pig, I have one and I love him dearly. Pigs are intelligent, clean, and loyal pets. My pig Chester lives in the house, follows me everywhere, loves car rides and belly scratches. I wouldn't give him up he grew to 200lbs. It breaks my heart every time I see one of these wonderful animals sold at auction or left at a shelter, its only crime was growing larger than anticipated. One last comment, for what its worth, I know of 3 people who bought royal dandy pigs, all 3 paid approx #3,500 each, all 3 were piglets were from different litters, all 3 piglets died within the first year from unknown causes. I paid #200 for my mini from a local private breeder, he's surpasses the 1 year mark, he's healthy as can be, and weighs 15lbs

On 27 March, 2011 07:06, HennyPenny said...

Pig? Lol. Yeah, they're cute. But, they're expensive to buy and care for AND you don't get anything back from them (eg eggs, milk... well, you could milk a pig but it would be really really really hard, and not tasty at all). i have 8 chickens. We got them from an organisation that frees battery chickens. When they first came to stay with us they we unhappy and mostly featherless and layed very large eggs as they still had some of the egg-producing hormones that had been forced into them. Gradually, their feathers grew and the eggs shrunk before (temporarily) stopping, and now our lovely hens are happy and free and lay extremely tasty eggs. My advice- ex bats hens. They are very rewarding and also funny and they are so silly and have persnalities of their own.

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i really want a miniatue teacup pig or the smallest micro pig. Can someone tell me where the best place is and the cheapest but still a good place not trashy.

On 09 June, 2011 06:49, Anonymous said...

most of the breeders who have been mentioned here are not very good breeders froom everything i have read. the pennywell/teacup pigs are huge, the "best little pig house in texas" breeds unhealthy and very large pigs, dandies are also reportedly huge, and hidden valley rabbitry is reportedly in a lot of legal trouble for selling pigs to canada without having them vet checked and licensed. unfortunatly it appears all the pigs that went to canada will now have to be euthanized. There are true minis out there, but you have to make sure the adults are 3yrs old or more and check out multiple generations and adult siblings to the one you are buying before you commit. if the breeder hasn't been around long and is saying they have the smallest or if they refuse to let you see the adults, beware. I have been to a breeder in fla who has pennywell, wolfsden, texas pighouse, teacups, and hidden valley pigs and i don't think one of them weighed under 100lbs full grown and many of them weren't full grown yet and weighed that much. check out the facility before you buy. i do not own any of these breeder's pigs, so here are a few other people's opinions who have purchased pennywell and texas pighouse pigs.



On 09 June, 2011 11:28, Anonymous said...

You are very misinformed. I am a breeder in Canada and am in contact with other breeders here, and all of our pigs were imported and tested properly. None of our pigs have had to, nor will be euthanized. Our pigs are small and are staying small at well under 50lbs. and as little as 15 lbs. Have you been to any of these breeder's establishments before you decided to inform others on them ?

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On 18 January, 2012 18:21, Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
I'm sure I'll get attacked for saying this, but I'm actually trying to help. Like many of you, I was really interested in getting one of these "little" guys - so cute and seemed like the perfect pet. Unfortunately, after I did a LOT of research, I found out that there have just been too many testimonies about the "micro", "mini", "royal dandie" craze - it's pretty much a scam. As others have mentioned, not only are these pigs sold at an exorbitant price (upwards to $5000), but the pigs advertised are always shown to be babies. Sure, they're teacup sized NOW, but in reality they don't stop growing until they are 4 years old or so. That's why you'll see some really cheap pigs being advertised...because people have bought them, realized they're growing too big, and want to pawn them off on unsuspecting people before its too late!

The ones you see in pictures are always the babies, and if you see that their parents are small too, that's because pigs can be bred at a very young age. So these "teacup" parents aren't full grown yet. You MIGHT get lucky and get a pig that stays around 60 lbs or so, but a lot of people have bought pigs (yes, even from "credible" breeders that have been working on this for a supposed 20 years or so) that can reach up to 200 lbs! Of course, 200 lbs is technically "miniature" for a pig when you consider that farm pigs can weigh up to and over 1000 lbs...

Also, one of the reasons that the pigs look so small is because they are malnourished by the breeders - of course something will look tiny when it's not fed a proper diet. Because of this, they often have a lot of health problems too. There have been a lot of accounts of people only having their "teacup" pigs for a couple of months (or shorter) before they die - these people are both left without a pet and with their bank account balance significantly lower. If somehow a miracle happens and your piggy stays small, it is likely because its been malnourished (those directions the breeder gives you about what to feed your pig is really how to keep it tiny by not giving it a proper diet - its basically being starved), and be aware that even if their size is stunted, their organs continue to grow and can crowd their insides, leading to a short life and a painful death.

On 18 January, 2012 18:21, Anonymous said...

Part 2 - Ran out of space

If you are still interested in taking care of a so-called "teacup" pig, check out pig shelters. Many actually exist, and they are absolutely TEEMING with these poor animals because people buy them when they are tiny and adorable and are promised to stay small, and then they are dumped when people realize they can't take care of a 150-200lb animal in their homes.

So please, please, PLEASE think long and hard about this - pigs can be awesome pets but you need to be aware that this whole teacup thing is pretty much a scam by breeders to get a lot of money for something that isn't what they advertise. (Yes, even these "reputable", well-known breeders. There's enough accounts of people who have been tricked by them too).

Say what you will about me being a "liar" or whatnot, and that you've got your heart set on buying one, but if you're going to buy one after you've kindly read my rant, please consider the well-being of these animals and make sure that you can take good care of them when they grow a lot larger than promised.

Here are some accounts of owners, shelters, and others who are concerned with this craze who tell what really happens when these "mini" pigs grow well over their advertised size:





Check out before & after pics here:

I'm not here to make enemies, just to inform you guys about the reality.
OK, rant done.

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