iNdependence 1.3 Beta & iDemocracy Updates @ tk here on Saturday, October 27, 2007 4:29 PM
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

iNdependence 1.3 Beta & iDemocracy Updates

iNdependence 1.3 Beta

The Operator has announced , a popular iPhone jailbreak app for Macs. Here's what he says:
The 1.3 beta release is out. This release adds automated anySIM 1.1 installation and ringtone customization for firmware 1.1.1. See the CHANGELOG for details. Beware, this has had limited testing done on it, so there may be some bugs (especially in the new ringtone customization code). Also, there is no documentation yet for the new features (the CHANGELOG is the only documentation right now).

Full Changelog (emphasis mine):
v1.3 beta (Creemore) - 10/26/07

- Added anySIM 1.1 installation/removal to allow for SIM unlocking (finally!)
- Included warning when installing anySIM about needing a virgin phone
- Changed all reboot instructions to indicate that only the Sleep button needs to be held down to turn phone off
- Added confirmation and warning about deleting libarmfp.dylib when uninstalling SSH. This should solve the conflict between and iNdependence
- Got Windows build working again (still out of date functionally though)
- Got ringtone customization working on firmware 1.1.1 (lots of new code for this so it could be a bit buggy still)
- Added 'Sync Ringtones' button to restore ringtones after iTunes clobbers them when it syncs
- Documentation has not yet been added for the new 1.1.1 ringtone functionality or anySIM installation

Edit: .

iDemocracy Updates

Meanwhile at the Windows camp, Drakenza is still working on the iDemocracy tutorials. He has updated the making it friendlier for new users and has added an and to the iDemocracy wiki.

iDemocracy ver 1.2 is also in progress and can be expected in November. Official word from Drakenza:
iDemocracy is currently at version 1.1, but 1.2 is currently in development and will release sometime in November, with a number of new features that will hopefully remove the need for any computer knowledge whatsoever for anyone to do just about anything on their iPhones. Also, we're going to integrate a few other projects, such as PACAY/CARNAVAL, to make your lives easier.

I think I will have it done and released sometime in November. As for the features, it will have integrated activation, fix built in, more available functions, etc... And some more big features :)

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