Just out: CARNAVAL v0.7, AppSnapp 1.1, BigBoss Virginizer Guide @ tk here on Sunday, November 04, 2007 3:36 PM
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just out: CARNAVAL v0.7, AppSnapp 1.1, BigBoss Virginizer Guide

Offtopic: It's quite interesting today with CARNAVAL, AppSnapp and a virginizer guide. Definitely more interesting than yesterday. :) And it'll get more interesting on Nov 9, when .


The version of CARNAVAL you've been waiting for is here! CARNAVAL v0.7 now installs AnySIM 1.1 (finally!) and leaves your iPhone in the same state as other jailbreaking applications. (If you're wondering what happened to v0.6, there was a bug in it so it's recommended to use v0.7.)


* CARNAVAL now installs the new version of Installer.app
* CARNAVAL now installs anySIM 1.1 (you can uninstall it through Installer.app after you're done unlocking)
* CARNAVAL now leaves your iPhone in compatibility with iBrickr and similar applications (full jailbreak)

* An important line was missing from the latest release's back-up script (v0.6, don't use it). Thanks to Dark_Alex_Tribute for spotting this out! -

Note that some have noted that the BSD subsystem (not installed by CARNAVAL) may be required for AnySIM to work properly. . No one has confirmed all of AnySIM's dependencies yet so you'll have to wait and see.

Get .

Update: .

AppSnapp 1.1

AppSnapp has been updated to whatever newer version it's supposed to be at. :D I'm just calling it 1.1 for my convenience. :P

Updates of note in AppSnapp 1.1 include more reliable jailbreaking, a one-touch aka one click process and a working YouTube.

If you're wondering about planetbeing, see .

* planetbeing became awesome.

* Entire process is logged to /var/root/Media/AppSnapp.log and can be retreived with iphuc/ssh.

* Added a check to prevent AppSnapp from being ran on devices which are not running 1.1.1

* Improved reliability. I am no longer using raw sockets to send the payload files, they are being served back to the phone/ipod via HTTP. This greatly improves the chances you'll actually get it jailbroken the first time :)

* Added progress indicator. Now once safari crashes, you'll see a dialog letting you know what's going on.

* Updated to the latest version of Installer.app. Now, I install Community Sources by default so you'll see all packages right away.

* Made it really one-touch, even for users with unactivated phones.

* Fixed issue where the majority of users with unactivated phones wouldn't get YouTube working automagically.

Visit (not such a great idea on your iPhone unless you intend to jailbreak).

Update: .

BigBoss Virginizer Guide

Virginizing your iPhone (unlocked 1.0.2 iPhone -> locked, almost like new, 1.0.2 iPhone) with a bad IMEI (dreaded 0049*) can be quite a hassle. The BigBoss 8-step Virginizer Guide looks easy enough and . Mark at Hack the iPhone also .

See .
See as well.

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