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Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm now a Blogmad member

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I happened to see this and decided to signup for it. It aims to help you increase the traffic to your blog. You gain credits by viewing other blogs, playing games, referring people and winning the lottery. Here's hoping that more people would stumble upon this blog.



Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MSN launches search and win contest

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MSN just launched a new contest that rewards searchers who use their search engine. The sad part is that it is limited only to US residents. However I do notice some goodies in the price listing, such as 4 Panasonic TH-452PX500U 42" Diagonal plasma HDTVs and several cash rewards ranging from 10k to 50k. I wonder how long it'll take for someone to come up with an automated bot that attempts different keywords to grab all the prizes, since it is going to run till April.

Btw, I do think that this is not very useful at keeping searchers at MSN as I foresee those who are absolutely not interested in the search results, but in the prizes that are offered. In the end, they'll not click through to the sites listed.

Edit: Someone has created an automated searcher: here.



Monday, February 13, 2006

Wikipedia goes down

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I loaded up the Wikipedia page and instead of the site loading up, I was greeted with an error message telling me they're experiencing problems! I managed to grab all the messages in the different languages just for the heck of it.

The Wikimedia Foundation servers are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
Les serveurs de la Wikimedia Foundation ont actuellement des problèmes techniques.
Er zijn momenteel technische problemen met de servers van de Wikimedia Foundation.
Wikimedias servrar har för tillfället tekniska problem.
Los servidores de la Fundación Wikimedia están actualmente experimentando dificultades técnicas.
Bei den Servern der Wikimedia Foundation sind gerade technische Probleme aufgetreten.
Serwery Fundacji Wikimedia mają w tej chwili problemy techniczne.
I server della Wikimedia Foundation hanno al momento qualche problema tecnico.
Os servidores da Fundação Wikimedia estão com dificuldades técnicas.

Now it doesn't even show an error message, just a 403 message. Wonder when it's gonna come back up...

Edit: By searching Google using advanced search and specifying in the domain textbox, I was able to get the necessary wikipedia info from Google's cache.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Microsoft Anti-Spyware Deleting Norton Anti-Virus

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So your Anti-spyware could now start removing your anti-virus programs? Note to self: Read before clicking the remove button. I suspect those users weren't paying too much attention when they clicked on remove. (Some actually read that norton was about to be removed and did it anyway!) Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Norton products haven't exactly been hailed as speed demons, quite the contary in fact. Many including myself tend to shy away from anything Norton since Norton and speed are hardly associated with each other. Microsoft probably fixed it by now with new definitions, but who knows, maybe tomorrow it'll remove something else, perhaps *cough* starforce *cough*?

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