Another internet sex scandal hits the web @ tk here on Friday, August 24, 2007 6:47 PM
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Another internet sex scandal hits the web

As of yesterday, the terms, "robert kugler my_girl", "石靖", "jessica_confidentially", "石靖 裸照", "石靖 照片", "masami_confdentially", "shelly_confidentially" and various variations of these terms, all related to the scandal itself became highly popular and continue to remain popular at the time of this post. However, if you're curious about what transpired, information on this scandal in English on the internet is scarce. So little in fact, that you could hardly find anything worthwhile on the subject. As for why you are actually searching for these terms, I'll just assume that you are a curious web surfer.

Time for the actual story. This section is manually translated by me from postings circulating on the internet. The scandal revolves around Robert Kugler, who is supposedly an American that is based in China. According to his Myspace, he graduated from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA.

Apparently, he got lucky with quite a number of girls in China and posted the scandalous photos online at The focus is on Jessica or 石靖, as his taste in girls according to posters is rather poor, except for Jessica who stands out from the rest. The photos of her in his album are said to be taken during their tour of Hainan, China, in 2007 at a hotel called Red Forrest.

Although the pictures that he posted of the 10 girls he had intimate relations with were protected with a password, it was eventually cracked and the first leak was in a Yahoo posting. He changed the password of the album, but did not delete many of the photos (It is said that photos of Jessica showing off her nether regions were irreversibly deleted). Unfortunately, this is not true and it is still saved in Google Cache. The results of a search will reveal the truth (of whether the photos were irreversibly deleted).

After this disclosure, many of Jessica's personal details were exposed such as her email and personal web space. The pictures have also been packaged in a zip file to allow an easier download. That is basically the whole story, although the latest development is that he also has an album at photobucket. It seems that more and more may be revealed as more people get to know about this.

Finding the actual origin of the leak is tricky. I have traced it back to as far as 13 August 2007 in Yahoo posting, and it's likely that that was when the passwords were leaked. However, it is entirely possible that the leak occurred much earlier, and only started to gain momentum later on.

The moral of the story? Don't post photos that you want to be kept secret online, otherwise use strong passwords if you do.

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