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Saturday, August 18, 2007

A rapidshare premium link mirror

Here's another site that lets you download from rapidshare using (other people's) premium accounts. Basically it operates via similar logic as other rapidshare premium link sites. The steps to download a file from rapidshare are as follows:

  1. Paste a link inside the rapidshare-link box and press enter or click the button beside the box.
  2. Next, if your file requires more votes then spread the rapidshit links to other people (see below for an explanation on this) and come back to download the file via the rapidshit link. Otherwise click on the download link that is hosted on another file host with no limits.
Woah? You mean it's not a direct download? Yup, this site is not like other premium link makers/generators. It is a rapidshare mirror. Files are hosted on another file host with no limits, instead of direct downloads. The upside of this is that other people can actually download the file from the other file host. The downside is that the other file host may not be too reliable or fast.

Speaking of differences, a big and welcome difference is that there are a lot of premium accounts available at this site. And by a lot of accounts, I really do mean plenty. The last time I checked, there were about 100+ premium accounts that were working according to the site! That means that a few hundred gigs of files can be served each day! I'm quite sure that beats any other (public) rapidshare premium link site hands down.

Before you get too excited at the prospect of leeching from the site, you should be aware that the site has certain protections against leechers. The most prominent of those is the file voting that is activated for all files. Currently 5 people must click on the same rapidshit link for it to be uploaded to the other file host. If you download regularly from rapidshare, they recommend getting your own premium account (as with other similar sites).

There are also some handy features available on this site. If you have several links you want to download you can copy and paste these links into the convertor to convert these links into rapidshit links. You can then spread these links in forums, etc. Another useful feature is the ability to keep track of files you have accessed in your current browser session. This allows you to quickly select a file for download after you have converted it into a rapidshit link. Additional help is available at the support link on the site.

As you can see, this service is very useful and handy for those without rapidshare premium accounts. If you intend to use this site (or any other rapidshare premium link sites), please do not abuse them in any way.

[Link: Rapidshit]

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