iDemocracy Activator 1.3, CARNAVAL v0.4 and Ringtones in 1.1.1 @ tk here on Sunday, October 28, 2007 3:23 PM
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

iDemocracy Activator 1.3, CARNAVAL v0.4 and Ringtones in 1.1.1

It's time for your daily iPhone unlocking news update. :) In case you're wondering why I've been keeping track of the iPhone unlocking scene recently, blame my friends with their shiny 1.0.2 iPhones. :P Since I'm nosing around, I might as well post it here as well. For posterity's sake. As if you'll believe that...

iDemocracy Activator 1.3 & Updates

Drakenza has re-uploaded and released a statement that it works on 1.0.2 and 1.1.1. had a file missing that caused problems during jailbreak so downloading it again is recommended.

iDemocracy Activator 1.3 released! Now using CARNAVAL and wiNstaller! Confirmed working on firmware 1.0.2 and 1.1.1!

EDIT: iDemocracy Activator 1.3 Re-Released to include a missing CARNIVAL file that was causing jailbreak errors that weren't actually there. Now fixed.

There are some misc updates to the and the pages as well. Not too sure what they are. :P

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I was just in time to catch . (Clueless about CARNAVAL? .) According to brasuco, these are the changes:

CHANGES: Minor Bug Fixes, Beginning of Internationalization.

Yeah, I know, not very specific and doesn't look like it warranted a bump to v0.4. Well, feel free to go ahead and make your own iPhone activating app. :P

Brasuco also revealed what's in store for the new CARNAVAL:



I'm trying to make CARNAVAL in different languages, mainly because the whole process depends a lot on the instructions.
Right now I have versions in english (orignal), portuguese, and spanish (thanks to Gandalfj).
If you want a version in your languange you can help by translating the language files that are located under the "text" CARNAVAL's subfolder.
Just pay attention to the format and to the line breaks so things don't get messy. Post your translation here in the thread. That's is gonna help in case there's more than one translation to the same language (because others will also give their opinions).
It's also nice if you can run a trial with your translation to see if everything works fine. Of course, credit for the translation will be given.

It seems some vista users are experiencing some problems with iphuc that makes CARNAVAL installation to fail. I'm already looking into it.

Summarizing that into a single line, it looks like you can expect more languages and more bug fixes in CARNAVAL. :)

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Edit: .

Ringtones in 1.1.1

The iPhone Elite team has added/updated . It requires patching MeCCA on your iPhone (no idea what MeCCA does, presumably something to do with ringtones/sounds) with a hex editor to allow you to use .m4a files as ringtones again.

One small caveat is that you must rename your .m4a ringtones to " .m4r", with a space before the dot. A small price to pay for custom ringtones in 1.1.1, or you could just use . I'm blissfully ignorant of the significance of the differences in either method. :P

See or .

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