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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Free: DecentURL, TestDisk/PhotoRec, Higher Intellect

Offtopic: I forgot about this (meant to announce this a few days ago), but folks who would like to subscribe to my full feed can email me (you should see my email at the top of this post) for the Feedburner link. The one you see here is only a summary feed because unscrupulous webmasters () were republishing some of my posts elsewhere. (Yeah, I'm surprised too.) Of course, if this full feed gets scraped as well, then I guess it'll be axed as well.

I was actually waiting for to launch first before posting (looks interesting, hopefully free :) ), but it seems to have been delayed (I swear I saw 9am on Nov 1 or something close).


Obscenely long URL? Make it decent with . Here's (which is actually longer than the original URL). I tried but didn't succeed in making it, because someone already did. :) I wonder if I should be flattered or annoyed.


TestDisk is an open-source, cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux and more), multi file-system (FAT/NTFS/HFS/ext3 and more) partition recovery software. What that mouthful means is that if you screwed up your harddisk partitions, TestDisk could recover it for you. It's companion, , is also very handy to have around as it recovers files from almost any media you can think of (harddisks/CDs/USB drives and more).

Higher Intellect

Higher Intellect Before visiting the , I had absolutely no idea there were so many text files living on the net. You probably think I'm exaggerating. So check this out:
250,209 files online. Total size is 106gb

Yeah, that's the number of text files waiting to be found on Higher Intellect as well as their combined size. And here I was thinking text files were extinct...

Bonus: Just saw on that you can watch Hulu videos without an invite. It's a list of about 2000 direct Hulu video links. Only problem is those are raw links without the video titles.

Bypassing the Hulu private beta isn't actually new. :) (The technique listed on Buzzfeed to bypass the invite barrier though is new.) I had a a few days ago (which bypasses the block in a different manner) and of course has already been updated to include Hulu video results.

Oh yeah, that concludes the freebie post for today. Another one will appear tomorrow. ;)

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