iDemocracy 2 updates @ tk here on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 4:58 PM
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

iDemocracy 2 updates

Offtopic: Almost all is quiet before the 1.1.2 firmware storm.

iDemocracy 2 updates

iDemocracy 2 Preview
Drakenza has been secretly working on iDemocracy 2 (revirginizer/jailbreaker/unlocker for Windows) and because of this, its official release date is now November 16, 2007 at 6PM (which timezone? :P). One notable feature of iDemocracy 2 is the "automatic revirginizing for 1.0.2 and earlier firmwares" as stated by Drakenza. Another feature, which is quite evident by looking at the picture above, is the inclusion of .

However, Drakenza isn't revealing all just yet, and hints at more surprises to come. The list of new features below can be . You may find some of them familiar as .

Upcoming Features

As of right now, this is all I'm telling you:

* Now featuring automatic revirginizing for 1.0.2 and earlier firmwares. Confirmed working!
* The Fix and Activator patches have been integrated into the app so that there's no more downloading of little side applications.
* One-click installation of MobileStack. YET ANOTHER EDIT: The good guys over at MobileStack just rewrote their StackController for iPhone compatibility, which is fantastic news. Now iDemocracy will just load/unload StackController and let it do all the work.
* One-click installation of iDemocracy Wallpapers!! OMG!
* Lotsa bug fixes.
* UPDATE: There will be no new jailbreak method for now (we're sticking with the downgrade way). This is because the tiff exploit method is short-lived. When 1.1.2 comes out it'll be blown away. However, the symlink way might just work for 1.1.2 (though I doubt it). Chances are there will be an update released or something which will support 1.1.2. It's all very conceptual right now.
* And I've got a bunch more surprises up my sleeve... :D

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