Multiple palette bug in AdSense? @ tk here on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 6:29 PM
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Multiple palette bug in AdSense?

Ok, so yesterday and decided to give it a try. After all, with the new code, changes to my ads could be made without copying and pasting new code. What did I have to lose?

Normally I'd preview my ads to make sure that everything displays properly and so on. However, after importing and inserting my ad code, I took everything for granted and figured nothing would go wrong. I like to think even Murphy can be wrong at times. :)

Black Ads

This time though, Murphy triumphed over me and while previewing my ads today, I saw this.

Ad gone bad
Ad gone bad

Yes, it's shocking isn't it? After some tinkering and experimentation, I deduced that multiple palettes were the cause for the black ads and switched back to the single palette. I've also sent an email to AdSense. Since I couldn't find anything regarding this on Google, I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this?

By the way, I hope this isn't the new ad theme for . :P

Update: Found in Google AdSense Help Group. Doesn't seem to be fixed yet.

Update: Is talking about this or is it something else?

Update: . Maybe they'll be fixing this bug.

Nov 13 Update: Still seeing black ads if multiple palettes are enabled. Got a reply from a member of the AdSense Team via email. Details of problem sent (again), awaiting reply.

Update: One of their techs is looking into it. Response was swift this time, only took 4 hours.

Nov 20 update: Just received an email from the AdSense Team. They request that only one palette be used while this issue exists and tell me that they hope to fix this some time in the near future. Oh well, guess I'm stuck with one ad color for the moment.

Looks like . But the problem is it requires a "modification" of AdSense code and kinda defeats the purpose of Manage Ads.

Nov 21 update: The AdSense Team recommends using the old ad code as a temporary fix and they think it should be resolved by the end of next week. I forgot it's Thanksgiving this week. :P

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