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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AppSnapp Guide & Some Trivia

What's up? Nothing's up.

There isn't much of an update today. (I did see an updated SimFree 1.7 by iPhoneSIMFree, but that's not free. Just stick with .) In fact, with the , many of the utilities were made obsolete. However, some unlockers still prefer the manual jailbreak programs like . To each his own, I guess.

Of course, this doesn't mean this post is simply about a lack of updates. :) But if you don't see an iPhone post in the future, it means I didn't see anything worth posting about.

AppSnapp Pictorial and Video Guide

Hack the iPhone has updated his guide to use AppSnapp for jailbreaking. It's chock full of pictures and a YouTube video showing the entire procedure is thrown in as well for good measure.

Check out .

Edit: I've just realized that the guide at Hack the iPhone would only help you to jailbreak the iPhone using AppSnapp. (this is step 3 for Macs aka unlocking steps).

Step 2 of should fill that void. Step 2 in this unlocking guide only requires your iPhone, so it doesn't matter if you're running Windows/Mac.

iPhone Jailbreaking Trivia. Did you know?

In many of the guides available, you'll be asked to enter

as a bookmark or home page on your iPhone. Have you ever wondered what 1F stood for?

It actually stands for nothing. :) 1F is not required at all. 1F was simply to indicate that preffs:// is a misspelling (note the 2 'f's). Entering

will bring you to your settings page just fine. :)

[info stolen from ]

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