CARNAVAL v0.5 - No AnySIM Yet @ tk here on Saturday, November 03, 2007 3:50 PM
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

CARNAVAL v0.5 - No AnySIM Yet

Offtopic: It's time for Today in iPhone unlocking news. :) Only one update today, but different offline jailbreaking/activating/unlocking methods are being worked on by various folks.


. Not quite the version many were hoping for though. That version (the one with integrated AnySIM) is still in progress. I guess the wait goes on. :P

CHANGES: Bug Fixes, Addition of README.TXT, addition of international versions.



I'm trying to make CARNAVAL in different languages, mainly because the whole process depends a lot on the instructions.
Right now I have versions in english (orignal), portuguese, and spanish (thanks to Gandalfj).
I'd also like to translate the new README.TXT (rigt now it's only in english for all versions).
If you want a version in your languange you can help by translating the language files that are located under the "text" CARNAVAL's subfolder.
Just pay attention to the format and to the line breaks so things don't get messy. Post your translation here in the thread. That's is gonna help in case there's more than one translation to the same language (because others will also give their opinions).
It's also nice if you can run a trial with your translation to see if everything works fine. Of course, credit for the translation will be given.

* I'd like to add AnySim to the package. This is an easy change, I just wanna make sure of one thing before I do it, and that's What exactly the dependencies are. Also, the AnySim installation I'm gonna add is going to be uninstallable via so when you're finished using it you can uninstall it easily.
* I'm also going to add a newer version of

Edit: .

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