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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Radiohead In Rainbows Reviews, Lyrics and Album Artwork

In Rainbows official cover If you're here, you're either or like me, have already . :) But what could you possibly do besides furiously refreshing your inbox or after you have heard the album?

In Rainbows Reviews
Whether you've the album on loop or haven't even seen the email, you may want to check out what the critics are saying about In Rainbows. So far the general consensus seems to be positive, which is a good sign.

Update: More reviews are trickling in.

In Rainbows Lyrics
Can't make out what they're singing or just want to get a better feel of the song? Head over to . Edit: All the lyrics have been added to MetroLyrics. Currently only and have lyrics.

Edit: - , and .

In Rainbows Album Artwork
No CD would be complete without album art. Unfortunately, the In Rainbows download was a bare bones 10 track zip file, leaving your In Rainbows collection quite naked. But no worries, fans of Radiohead have released their own album art for In Rainbows. It even includes .

"Official" In Rainbows cover
In Rainbows official cover

Alternate "Official" In Rainbows cover 1, found at Download D.I.Y. In Rainbows cover art...updated with alternate 'official' version... @ The Daily Swarm
Alternate Official In Rainbows cover 1

Alternate "Official" In Rainbows cover 2, found at
Alternate Official In Rainbows cover 2

Alternate "Official" In Rainbows cover 3, found at HODIAU DIREKTON
Alternate Official In Rainbows cover 3

This one by Blaze at the Hicks Design post is my favorite cover.
Fan-made In Rainbows cover - Nice!

Edit (Oct 17 2007): Here's another cool cover - . (No preview picture is available yet as Blogger has problems with uploading pictures.)
In Lego by woordenaar

Have something to add? Comments are welcome. :)


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On 11 October, 2007 14:47, tk said...

Listened to it twice, still can't decide.

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